The Years 1920-1980

Cocoa Beach has a rich and colorful history. In the early days, with its proximity to the missile test facility at Cape Canaveral, much of its development was a result of decisions made by the federal government in reaction to global politics.

Read about how the City started developing in the roaring 1920s, when developer Gus C. Edwards envisioned a great resort town and bought large pieces of property.

In mid-1940s, the United States finding itself embroiled in the Cold War pumped billions of dollars into military projects, including the creation of the missile test facility at Cape Canaveral.

Late in 1950s, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was created placing Cocoa Beach in the years to come as the place to see and be seen for rocket launches. During the moon-boom years, from 1960s to 1970s, the City saw an boom in population by 286.39% (3,475 to 9,952). The allure of beaches and rocket booms dominated the search for housing.

Unfortunately, from1969 to the mid 70s saw massive layoffs at the Cape that greatly impacted the City of Cocoa Beach.

The City of Cocoa Beach continues to reinvent itself.

Read about the City's in-depth history by era.