1920 and 1930


Year Date Event
1925 July 27 First Town Meeting, Held noon at the Cocoa Beach Casino.
At the first meeting the Original City Seal was Adopted
1925  August 24 At Meeting the Legendary Cocoa Beach Pier was entered into consideration.
Subsequently, Mr. Joseph E. Graig, Consulting Engineer was hired to build the pier
1925 October 14 Motion adopted in order to encourage building in Cocoa Beach.
No Taxes levied on improvements on any lots.
Business exempt from taxes for the ensuing 2 years, 1925 to 1926
1926 January 7 Plans and Specifications drawn up for "White Way" Street Lights
The Mabel Cody Flying Circus and Auto Racing Association approved to hold a function on January 19, 1926 Lee's Birthday, with 10 events, 3 with Mabel Cody, all at the cost of $150 paid by the town.
1927 July 13 Leave of Absence granted to City Clerk - July through October. She would attend to all matters that may come up by correspondence. (This leave was granted every summer to Eva O. Pulsipher)
1928 June 5 Mayor Gus Edwards allowed $10 per month rent for the use of the Town Hall from July 1, 1928, this amount to be applied to town taxes as he may direct.
1929 May 1 Commission purchased a large Marvin Safe from Gus C. Edwards at $150, this amount to be applied to his taxes due to the City. 


Year Date Event
1932 July 30 Jack DeLysle, Chairman of Traffic and Publicity of the Atlantic Coastal Highway Association, with headquarters in Norfolk, VA addressed the Commissioners that his Association would assist the City in opening the Atlantic Coastal Highway down the Peninsula near the ocean and via Cocoa Beach.
1934 April 4 Authority giving to hire an Attorney for the Municipality, provided the Attorney fees can be paid by delinquent taxes on lots purchased by or through him, but not to be paid in cash from other channels.
1935 July 10 Gus C. Edwards requested the City to secure a sum of money from the Federal Government for the building of 100 houses for superannuated Industrial Workers.
1936 February 15 The City recognized Mr. Treadway, Chairman of the Department of Transportation for the his help in opening State Road No. 140 from Cocoa Beach to Eau Gallie Beach. The City asked the Department of Transportation to send equipment to double track the road and place a hard substance in the ruts where needed.
1937 August 7 Gus C. Edwards meets with Commissioners asking that the City secure government aid for projects to include mosquito and sandfly eradication and control.
1938 July 30 Glen Lanson appointed Deputy Marshall to act in emergencies to be paid 25 centers per hour.
1939 May 6 Suit entered against the Town by Ocean Beach Improvements Co and the Peninsula Land Company (owned by Gus C. Edwards) for the withdrawal of Snug Harbor from the corporate limits. Chacery Suit number 4261
1939 December 2 Letter read by Mayor Pulsipher from Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company, indicating they are contemplated extending their line to and through Cocoa Beach.