Year Date Event
1950 January 12 The matter of organizing a Volunteer Fire Department was discussed at meeting and Wayne C. Headley was designated to contact all persons likely to join the organization.
1950 February 23 City purchased a 1943 Chevrolet one and half ton Fire Chaise Truck for $2,800 plus $200 to cover some additional equipment from H.B. Craven, Jr of Lakeland, Florida. 
1950 July 6 A proposed Ordinance to prohibit driving of vehicles on the Atlantic Ocean Beach in certain portions of the Town was defeated due to overwhelming opposition from the public.
1951 August 9 Mayor authorized to contact State Department of Transportation about a permit to place a signal light at the intersection of Cocoa Avenue and A1A.
1951 October 22 Special Meeting to Appoint Engineer Carl Schnabel to do a survey of the water system of the Town so that concrete facts could be filed with the Housing and Home Finance Agency in Washington D.C., as well as the Federal Housing Administration Offices in Washington D.C. and Miami, Florida. Due to an erroneous report that had been started regarding the Town's water supply, the town would possibly be left out of the designated Critical Defense Area. The only way to convince the proper authorities controlling the critical defense set up that the Town of Cocoa Beach had adequate water supply, both now and for the future, was to appoint a reliable engineer.
1952 January 3 Mayor announced that the Town of Cocoa Beach had issued building permits during the year 1951 in the amount of a half-million dollars.
1952 February 7 County Commission addressed the County's distance problems with mosquito control by plane spraying, since the City of Cocoa had sold their airport. The County would be able to purchase 136 acres of land on south end of Merritt Island at a cost of $8,000 to be used as an airport. The City of Cocoa pledged $3,000 the City of Rockledge pledged $1,500 and the City of Cocoa Beach pledged $600.
1952 March 3 The Cocoa Beach Volunteer Fire Dept., Cocoa Beach Woman's Club and the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce requested the use of land owned by the Town to erect a building for use as a recreation center. This request was granted.
1952 July 17 No Improvements Bonds were outstanding and a levy for Debt Service was not necessary. All improvement bonds were retired on July 1, 1952.
1952 December 4 Thomas F. Kenney donated 100 feet of his property on N. Orlando Avenue, in block 100, Lots 28 & 29 for the purpose of erecting a municipal building for a recreation center. He also donated all the light fixtures and plumbing facilities.
1953 January 8 Donations for Construction of Recreation Center Chamber of Commerce $500, Volunteer Fire Department $300, and Women's Club $300
1953 February 5 Recreation Center: Purchased Lot 13, Block 33, for $1,000 from Gus Edwards
Street markers at the intersections of all streets in the Town deemed a necessity and Commissioner Godke would investigate cost and have them installed.
Petition by parents requesting an area providing a playground and ball field was submitted. The tract of land on lot 2 was to be surveyed and appropriate markers installed so it could be cleared for a playground site.
1953 March 5 Petition by parents requested the City to place the proposed Recreation Building on property owned by the City in Government #2, Section 15.
1953 March 26 Gus C. Edwards in a letter stated that it was his desire to give to the Town a park of suitable size, whenever the Town is in a position to accept and maintain the same as a park.
1953 April 16 Charter Amendment- Items removed from the charter included the ability to authorize the Town to appropriate money and levy taxes for the purpose of supporting and maintaining hospitals, clinics or other facilities for the care of humans or animals, either within or without the Town and to provide for the expenditure of said money, either directly or through other bodies organized for said purpose.
1953 May 14 City made the following proposal to Gus Edwards:
 That all blocks on both sides of Orlando Ave., which are not now in the Town and presently owned by Edwards, be incorporated into the Town and that Blocks 17B and 18A remain in the Town on condition that the Town immediately begin all necessary proceedings for the paving of Orlando Avenue from Cocoa Avenue to the south Town limits. All of Cocoa Avenue lying inside the Town limits and those parts of South 5th, 11th, and 16th Streets lying between South Orlando & South Atlantic Avenue, with the stipulation to be included that should the Town fail to do this within one year. Edwards would then be allowed to take back out of the Town limits all of the above mentioned blocks and be refunded all taxes paid for that year on said blocks. Cost of paving would be covered as follows, one third by Town and abutting property owners.
1953 November 5 The Kiwanis Club requested Town Commission to increase the speed limit within the Town to 35 mph from 25 mph. Commission approved leaving it at 25 mph.
1953 December 2 Planning Commission was established having it's first meeting.
1954 January 21 Town received $2,314.70 from Electrical Franchise Florida Power & Light per Ordinance No. 41. This check showed a 9.5% increase over 1953.
1954 February 4 The Garden Club members volunteered to landscape around City Hall property and requested $150 for this beautification project.
1954 February 18 The City named streets after Thomas F. Kenney (City Mayor from 1960 to 1967) and Frank Pulsipher (City Mayor from 1934 to 1950).
1954 April 8 Mayor LaRoche was relieved of the police commissioner position and the responsibility of the police department was placed on the shoulders of the entire Commission.
1954 June 10 Beginning July 1st the Town contributes to Cocoa USO (United Service Organizations), an organization provides services to Active Military Members and Families.
A conditional contract worked out with Gus Edwards and others that some eight blocks along Orlando Avenue be brought into the Town if the Bond Issue is passed and the paving program is carried out.
1954 July 22 The Volunteer Fire Department "Chuck Wagon" was discontinued from operation on the beach within the limits of the Town as it would affect the business, as well as others, and it would also cause concessions of that type to come onto the beach.
1954 August 17 The proposed Recreation Center plans were approximately 5,080 sq. ft., including the parking area for 100 cars, kitchen equipment, grading and planting, and the folding chairs for the auditorium, the estimated cost would be $36,000.
1954 September 2 Cocoa Beach Garden Club requested and received permission to install a new sign at the north entrance into Cocoa Beach stating "Cocoa Beach. Pleasant Living, Pleasant Folks." T The cost to the City would be $62.40, including Landscaping.
Bids opened to paint the Fire Truck and awarded to Hooper Motor Company in the amount of $190.
1954 October 7 Cocoa Beach Women's Club requested and received permission to use the Fire Department Garage as a Library.
1955 January 6 Mrs. Herman Gaertner, County Library Board, explained to the Commission that County funds were available to the Cocoa Beach Library but in order to get this money the Library had to be under the jurisdiction of the Town. Commissioners Fischer and Smith were appointed to work with the present Library Board to formulate an Ordinance to make the present Library a Public Library to be under the jurisdiction of the Town.
1955 February 3 Upon Motion by Commissioner Minella and Seconded by Commissioner Fischer the speed limit in the Town was raised to 35 miles per hour except one block North of Cocoa Avenue and one block South of Cocoa Avenue.
Two bills were presented: 
1. A bill showing that $30 or over will have to be put on bids for purchases of buildings: 
2. Bill whereby the people will elect a Mayor with referendum attached and the town had a right to place a lien on property for clearing lots.
1955 September 1 B. G. McNabb, Convair Area Representative, urged the Commission and the citizens of Cocoa Beach to get behind the expansion of this area to take care of the needs and facilities required by incoming personnel at Patrick Air Force Base. Mister McNabb stated that this area is well on its way toward becoming the guided missile test center of the world and estimated that his own company is planning to bring in between 300 and 400 families by December 1956. This would represent a minimum of 1.8 million dollars annually. Mr. McNabb spoke at great length on why Cocoa Beach had to do something about bringing water into the area before someone else did, and invited Commissioners Kistler and Jones to discuss this subject further with him.
1955 November 29 Mr. Dyal and Mr. Nesbit, representing the City of Cocoa, stated to the Commission that the City wants a 30-year franchise with the Town of Cocoa Beach with which they will purchase outright the complete water department of Cocoa Beach and furnish to Cocoa Beach residents water service comparable to the service rendered the residents of Cocoa property. They recommended that water rates for residents outside the City limits be slightly higher.
1956 January 5 Attorney Meadows briefed the Commission on his recent trip to Miami and advised the Commissioners to expect Negroes on the beach this year. Attorney Meadows suggested that if the problem does arise, that police officers clear the beach of all people regardless of color. This according to Meadows, is the only solution and at best, it is only a stalling devise.
Brevard County Board of Commissioners requested the Town to join in a VHF (Very High Frequency) Sheriff's Radio System. This request was approved.
1956 February 2 Two Commissioners tried to get the question of Liquor Sales on Sunday on the ballot this was defeated 2 to 3. Then the adoption of an Ordinance to allow Sunday sales passed 4 to 1.
1956 February 8 The Commission agreed to retain the water plant, and purchase water at a wholesale rate, should the Cocoa water proposal materialize.
1956 February 16 Discussion on steps necessary for annexation of the area being from the North gate of Patrick Air Force Base to the South limits of the Port Authority.
1956 March 1 Jack Davis, representing the Volunteer Fire Department, appeared before the Commission after facing disbandment and requested the Commission's help. Mr. Davis was informed that a key to Town Hall was placed in the Surf Club some time ago and it is always available to firemen.
1956 March 7 City Manager Ketcham requested the hiring of a professional appraiser to do a re-assessment of the City.
Police Chief Brady requested two more men for busy weekend traffic. Request denied due to lack of financing. A suggestion was made to possibly ban driving on the beach.
1956 April 5 Mr. Henderson & Mr. Steward Clark from the County School Board addressed the Commission to discuss a proposed Jr. High School in the City. There are approximately 260 students from Cocoa Beach attending Merritt Island Schools. A site in this City would generally be acceptable to the State Dept. of Education. They are planning a 720 pupil school and their only snag was a site on which to build. A motion was introduced that the Town sell 3.25 acres of the area presently being used as a dump, for $1 and other valuable consideration to the School Board for a school site and if not used, the property shall revert back to the Town. This motion carried unanimously.
1956 June 20 Motion passed authorizing Engineer Bostwick to proceed with a long-range survey (cost not to exceed $500) to provide a sewerage system for the Town of Cocoa Beach, which could be expanded to serve any anticipated houses.
1956 August 22 The Commission authorized the Town Manager to be relieved of past Commission action allowing for the City Hall to close on Saturdays.
1956 November 11 Mr. Dayal, City Manager of Cocoa, guaranteed water service to every customer within Cocoa Beach, if the town would sell our water system to Cocoa at a price of $54,000.
1956 December 20 Mr. Bostwick submitted his final sewerage system survey necessary for application. Town Clerk was authorized to execute and file with the State Board of Health the application for federal grant-in-aid under P.L. 660, with the copy of Mr. Bostwick's report be forwarded to the State Board of Health for review.
1957 January 29 The water extension agreement between Whitmor Homebuilders, Inc. and the Town of Cocoa Beach was discussed with Mr. MacNabb of Convair. Mr. MacNabb advised the Commission that unless this contract was agreed to, he would exert his efforts to prevent annexation of Convair Cove. After considering the pros and cons of the problem, a motion was approved to accept the terms as laid out in the contract, with a provision that seven years be granted for repayment and that the annexation petition be effective seven years - be inserted.
1957 February 7 The Cocoa Beach Development Board was created to Investigate the feasibility of bringing light industry to the area. They would study the feasibility of expanding corporate limits and coordinate various functions of existing advisory boards.
The Recreation Committee submitted its program and requested permission to proceed with the projects as outlined. The construction of the Community Building would be started as soon as possible, however the lack of sufficient land for both the swimming pool and the building presented a major problem. A motion was made to accept the recreational program and proceed with the construction of all projects except the basketball courts, tennis courts and swimming pool, with a decision on the exceptions will be rendered within 45 days.
1957 June 24 The Town Manager advised the Commission of the possibility of obtaining State Land in Section 16 as a treatment site and reported that the Federal House and Home Finance Agency could buy our bonds at 4.5%. The location of the new site necessitated changing the engineering plans and Bostwick was instructed to proceed with a master plan for sewage coverage extending to the causeway.
1957 July 7 City Attorney reported to the Commission that, in his opinion, Senate Bill #1378 as passed by the 1957 Legislature, was unconstitutional. In view of this opinion, it was unanimously agreed that the election scheduled for August 3, 1957 be called off.
1957 November 8 The purpose of meeting was to execute documents necessary to complete the sale of the Water System to the City of Cocoa. The Bill of Sale was executed and an Easement Deed was granted to the Cocoa.
1957 November 21 With the acceptance of the Federal Grant for the Sewage System approved, the Commission approved the letter from Mr. Bostwick outlining the engineering fees and authorized him to proceed with the contract plans and specifications for the proposed sewage system.
1958 February 6 The Commission approved the agreement of lease and easement for the Convair Cove Annexation and a new Resolution of Annexation was prepared deleting the date of delivery of this easement agreement.
1958 February 19 The Commission reviewed interest in the feasibility of purchasing land and making a municipal parking lot and install parking meters thereon and throughout the City as a means of revenue.
1958 April 15 Purchased 5th Street Right-of-Way between Orlando and Brevard Avenues for $2,200.
1958 May 1 Commission Tinker requested that the City institute preparations for a master zoning plan for the City.
1958 June 5 Beach Ordinance, Closing the Beach to vehicle traffic, pending the end-streets be opened was tabled.
1958 June 16 Accepted the offer of Leedy, Wheeler and Alleman Investment Bankers to purchase the $5000 issue of Utilities Revenue Bonds
1958 June 19 The Commission agreed, as a matter of policy, that all Department Heads, except City Attorney and City Judge, would be directly responsible to the City Manager in the performance of their assigned duties. The City Manager would in turn be directly responsible to the City Commission, as a collective body, for the proper administration of all City Departments. A Resolution was proposed for a City Manger Form of Government.
1958 July 3 Mr. Porter of Cocoa TV Cable appeared before the Commission to explain the proposed TV Cable Franchise desired by his company.
1958 July 8 1. Public Hearing - Closing the Beach to Vehicle Traffic - 35 residents want it closed and the merchants being allowed to express their view point on the subject. The Commission seemed concerned for both sides of this issue. Several comments regarding mosquitoes in the newspaper. Concerns over possible annexation of more beach property.
2. Due to a lack of control in issuing building permits, the Commission adopted by motion a building moratorium until the building permits can be reviewed by the City Commission.
3. Chairman of the Planning Board, Col. Jordan, resigned because the Commission would not establish any authority for the Planning Board and he stated that with this, he could not work with the Commission in harmony.
1958 July 22 Mr. Tuttle hired to appraise new buildings and additions to the tax rolls.
1958 August 7 The Commission decided to open the beach from 1st Street South, North to the City limits. This was done in consort with the County's action to budget $18,000 for the coming fiscal year for lifeguards and the policing of beach areas North of Cocoa Beach. The Commission felt that this would be in accordance with the policy of cooperation with County Officials and general purpose for the beach area as a whole.
1958 November 6 Commission established the policy that the cost of mailing notices for hearings on Zoning Variances would be borne by the applicant.
1958 November 20 1. Library issues outlined by Mrs. Gammage, reporting that the City needs to get with County Officials for a more fair distribution of library funds. She pointed out that Cocoa is receiving one-half the funds entitled to Cocoa Beach.
2. City Attorney Irvin reported the restrictions required by Gus Edwards for the deeding of the ball field property to the City. Mr. Edwards did not want to consider the deeding of the Library site until satisfactory arrangements could be worked out on the ball field.
1958 December 4 Burton Smith was retained as the City's Fiscal Agent on the Sewer Bond Issue.
1959 February 5 1. The City Manager reported that the proposed fire station site owned by the Cocoa Water Department was unobtainable, but that Jake Brodsky has offered to sublease a plot of ground in excess of 100 x 50 feet at $1 per year with the understanding that Mr. Brodsky would not be liable for any taxes on same.
2. General Dynamics Corp (Convair) dedicated Lots 16, 45 thru 48 and 76 in Convair Cove to the City for park and recreational purposes.
1959 February 12 Approved the street lighting plan as presented by the Florida Power and Light Company for the Cocoa Isles and Cocoa Ocean Beach area to Volusia Lane.
1959 February 26 Commission considered the resignation under pressure of Mr. Delaire from Cocoa Beach Elementary School. The School Board asked Mr. Delaire, was pressured to resign due to the fact that he allowed his children to attend St. Mary's Parochial School in Rockledge while serving as principal of a public school.
1959 March 19 The City Manager recommended that the voter registration books be purged and that the City establish a modern voter registration system which would provide for lasting the address of the voter as well as whether or not they are freeholders.
1959 April 9 1. Mr. Beasley, representing the residents of River Isles, presented the protestation of the trespassing of commercial fisherman on their properties, seining the canals and taking large amounts of fish.
2. City Attorney Will Irvin presented a proposed deed from Gus Edwards, conveying to the City a plat of ground 50 x 150 feet, to be described as " part of left field" bordering the present ball diamond and field. It was agreed by the members of the Commission to accept the proposed deed, if certain deed restrictions were released.
1959 April 16 The grand opening of the Burris Building was approved with the appearance of the Cisco Kid and a carousel being brought to town.
1959 May 21 1. A letter from the President of the Surf Side Players, requested support and endorsement for their endeavor in bringing to the beach a social and recreational activity, together with the privilege of having a play on the beach at some future date.
2. Letters received from Satellite Beach requesting the four-laning of A1A and letters to the State making such a request from the City.
1959 May 28 1. Commission authorized the expenditure of $600 to support C.B. Business Association celebration call "Rocket Day."
2. Also authorized  the purchase of a Drew Permanent Registration System with forms to be in a quantity not to exceed 2,500 as the permanent record system for Voters Registration.
1959 July 16 A New Library Contract between Brevard County and the City was approved
1959 July 23 Special Conference with City Commission and City Library Board. Meeting called to discuss the Library plans as submitted by Gus Edwards. Mrs. Ruby Gammage of the Library Board presented criteria regarding space and location requirements of public libraries. The building proposed to be donated by Mr. Edwards for location on City property on Brevard and the Fifth St. S. extension would reportedly cost $18,000 and be named the Clara M. Edwards Library. It was decided that the plans submitted would be inadequate. In addition the proposed location was questioned by the Library Board. It was suggested that possibly Mr. Edwards would put the money in Trust toward the City building a larger Library than what Mr. Edwards has proposed. The Library Board was presently renting quarters in the Kenney Building on North Orlando Avenue.
1959 July 29 Authorized contract for the extension of the Cocoa Beach Sewer System to Cambron Construction Co. for $375,525.65.
1959 August 20 Commission stated that it would consider a part-time salaried Recreation Director at such time the cost were determined.
1959 September 3 Jay Shoff, Radio Station WEZY Cocoa, requested that the name of Cocoa Beach be changed to Cape Canaveral Beach or Canaveral Beach and requested an election guide the Commission. Upon Motion by Tinker this referendum question to change the City's name would be placed on the next election ballot.
1959 September 10 Approved the request of the Committee for a Junior College for a donation of $4,500 to be used toward the purchase price of a site for the Brevard County Junior College. Site to be purchased from the City of Cocoa Water Department and to be situated on Clear Lake, Cocoa Florida.
1959 December 3 Established the Recreation Board of Seven Members and the Teen Advisory Group.