Roland Meyer offered to sell a 200 ft. strip from A1A to Ocean for $525, front foot and offered part of cost to trade for present City Hall property. Offered accepted pending Bond Election.


Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Gralla offer of lots 8, Block 41, Cocoa Ocean Beach Subdivision for $2,850.00 plus two new fire hats was accepted by Commission - North end Fire Station location.


Mr. Saul Feldman representing the Surfside Players requested permission to construct a theater building for their use on City owned property, with a site near the elementary school requested. It was suggested that the Players give the building to the City, and the City would then lease it to the Players. The Commission instructed the City Attorney.


Citizen survey results: 241 interviews from adults in parked cars on beach.

Q. Would you prefer a beach closed to traffic?
A. Yes (142-59%); No (89-37%); No answer (10-4%)

Q. Would you use off beach parking, bath house and sanitary facilities?
A. Yes (181-75%); No (54-22%); No answer (6-3%)

Q. Would you be willing to pay a charge to park on a closed beach?
A. Yes (166-68%); No (64-26%); No answer (11-6%)

Q. What would you consider a nominal fee?
A. .25 & under 24 (10%) (Would pay but no fee suggested 12%) .35 8 (3%) .25 each person (2 responses) .50 76 (32%) .05 hour (1 response) .75 24 (10%) 1.00 29 (12%) don't know 67 (27%)

Survey was approved by Jim Doyle, City Manager, plus Steering Committee of Citizen's for Better Government.

Respondents were from:
Cocoa Beach 15 (6%)
Brevard County 13 (5%)
Florida 112 (46%)
Out of State 24 (10%)
Rockledge, Cocoa, MI 75 (31%)
No answer 2 (2%)

Would purchase:
Refreshments - 114 (46%)
Food - 49 (20%)
Gas - 31 (12%)
Lodging - 9 (4%)
None - 63 (26%)
Other - 39 (12%)


City Commission Regular Meeting Ordinance #99 granting franchise to Jaycees for benches in the City to be used as advertising media passed unanimously at first reading.

Attorney Russell Snow presented Resolution for a loan from Cocoa Beach State Bank of $25,000 for six months, to be repaid by sewer assessment Rolls 1 and 2, passed by all present. Load to be used to complete sewer system in Loveridge.

Jimmy Moore of Eau Gallie, was awarded the contract for paving 3rd. Street North on low bid of $8,127.70 for soil cement paving. City to designate lab for testing. Work estimate to be complete in 60 days. Passed by all present.

Brevard Tractor Co. was awarded the bid for Massey-Ferguson Industrial tractor, model 204, at a cost of $4,175. Approved by all.

Request by Motel & Restaurant Assoc. for an ordinance requiring registration of certain persons was passed on first reading. To be amended so that professional entertainers would not be included.

Resolution annexing Block A, Venetian Way at request of owners, Causeway Beach Co., Pine Grove Homes, Robert & Urda Edgar and Hans & Norma Bruckner; and Lots 1 & 2, Block 104-A, Amended Plat 5th Addition to Cocoa Beach, adopted on motion of Commissioner Spencer. Ayes, all present.

Ordinance accepting gift of tract of land from Gus Edwards passed on first reading on motion by Commissioner Spencer. Ayes, all present. Gift previously accepted by resolution.

Ordinance accepting gift of tract of land from Graehme Howard passed first reading on motion of Commissioner O'Connor. Ayes, all present. Gift previously accepted by resolution.


City Commission Regular Meeting:

Ordinance #100 requiring registration, fingerprinting, and photographing of felons and other persons, etc., passed second reading after amending registration fee of $3.00 to $1.50.

Ordinance #99, Beach Franchise, granting Cocoa Beach Jaycees the franchise for public benches with advertising passed on second reading.

Ordinance #98, Accepting Certain Lands as gift from Gus and Clara Edwards was read and adopted.

Ordinance #97, Accepting Certain Lands as gift from Graema K. Howard and wife read and adopted. (98 and 97 corrected legal error in accepting properties by resolution rather than by ordinance.

Letter requesting annexation of Sunset Islands by certain residents living on that Street taken under advisement.

City Attorney mentioned need for assistant Judge and Commissioner Spencer moved that Leon Stromire, attorney, be appointed, contingent upon acceptance, as acting Judge during times of absence of the Municipal Judge.

Authorized loan from Sewer System Revenue Fund to General Fund in amount of $6,000.


City Commission Regular Meeting:

County Commission is now franchising garbage collection and sanitary landfills under the jurisdiction of the County Health Dept. effective 9/26. City needs response from contractors regarding possible increase in cost to city due to increase in transport costs.

Discussion of possible dump sites within Cocoa Beach. County to help pay extra charges, depending on County's contribution. Discussion continued around recent proposal for one-way traffic system, with Cocoa Avenue one-way east between Atlantic and Orlando and First Street North one-way west. Police Chief instructed to try out one-way system on or about 10/1.

City Manager reported on sidewalk plans for Atlantic & Orlando Avenues from First Street North to First Street South.

Building Inspector reported Cocoa Beach came through Hurricane Donna with no real structural damages to buildings. He also stated licensing examinations for building contractors would be coordinated with the County so that City could license contractors already licensed by County without further examinations. City Commission voted to grant authority for Building Inspector to coordinate with County in this regard.

Ed Sprow appointed assistant Building Inspector.

Ordinance #101 - Occupational license revision passed on first reading.


City Commission Special Meeting

Cocoa Isles Third Addition, Section A accepted after recommendation by the Planning & Zoning Board. Cashier's check $5,339.90 held by the City covering estimated cost of street, drainage, sewerage, and water improvements.

Levied Special Assessment for sewer system for Projects 3B & 3C (Loveridge) setting Public hearing for October 13, 1960 with legal advertisement September 29, and October 6, adopted.

Ordinance #101 - Occupational License Taxes; read, amended and adopted on second reading.

Resolution petitioning the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund of the State of Florida to transfer title to certain described land to the City of Cocoa Beach, Florida, for Public purposes--adopted.

Interceptor sewer and sewerage collection system, Project 3-B and 3-C authorized by City Commission resolution, adopted July 13, 1959, completed at a cost of $139,748.15; special assessment of $3.00 per front foot levied against lots and lands described, which have benefited from the new system; expected total revenue $24,236.38 front feet, adjoining and contiguous or abound and abut upon one of the streets, avenues, etc. (Special assessment Roll #3, less names and addresses of owners


City Commission Regular Meeting:

City Attorney instructed to set up election, acknowledging the petition on Sunset Island residents requesting annexation.

Resolution annexing Cape Canaveral Hospital Site (approx.49 acres) on State Road right-of-way was adopted.

Emergency Ordinance amending Ordinance #93 by changing date to 12/30/60 by which persons, firms, or companies owning occupied buildings or structures within the City of Cocoa Beach which front or abut on the sanitary sewer system shall have to connect such facilities to the sanitary sewer system was adopted and passed by all present.


City Commission Special Meeting: Public hearing on Sewer Assessment Roll #3 covering "Loveridge" area. Mr. Ed Lauden, 104 W. Suwannee Lane objected that he would have to pay twice for pipe since stated sewer hook up does not meet full length of his property. Mayor Kenney said City would meet his line and take care of his problem. No other objections being made, Public Hearing was closed.

Discussion regarding conflict between Cocoa Beach Cab Co. Attorney, and Attorney for James Hodges, over former's objection to the issuance of permit for latter to operate a cab company. Attorney for Cocoa Beach Cab stated it was against government code for any military personnel to go into business in competition against a resident of the Community in which the personnel are attached. Attorney for Mr. Hodges claimed Cocoa Beach Cab failed to comply with City Ordinance in licensing permit in purchase of Missile Cab Co. unintentionally creating a monopoly not in the best interest of the public. A decision was postponed pending further investigation of the allegations.


City Commission Special Meeting:

A decision was made to stencil "anti-litter" slogans on sidewalks throughout the City. The City of Public Works to be involved in the project.

City Manager reported County Recreation Director, Ralph Carter, advised that County would contribute $1,500 for Little League Field lighting, thereby helping the City obtain mercury lights. Money provided on the basis of the field being used for softball and hard ball, and that the City should not expect another like sum next year from the County.

City Attorney read an Ordinance setting up procedures for holding elections for areas wishing to be annexed. Passed on first reading.

It was reported the trial plan for one-way Cocoa Avenue and 1st Street North would be in effect Monday.


Ordinance #102 establishing procedures for Annexation Elections passed on second reading. Discussion of controversy over plan for a new Teen Center. Can the City give up City property to a civic organization? Can it be used only by teens? How to control costs? Another meeting to be set up to clarify misunderstandings.


Ordinance #104 establishing the qualifying fee for Candidates for Mayor-Commissioner or City Commissioner adopted after second reading.

Ordinance #105 accepting dedication of certain streets, avenues, boulevards, drives alleys, parks, promenades, beaches, easements and other public ways or thoroughfares adopted after the second reading.

Resolution requesting Brevard County pave, resurface certain roads serving Cocoa Beach Elementary School was adopted.

Resolution accepting paving and sanitary and drainage Sewer Lines and utility Easements for all portions of Cocoa Isles 4th addition were adopted.

Attorney Robert McGregor stated that his client, Mr. Hodges dba Canaveral Cabs had to withdraw his application since he is a serviceman and a letter objecting to his operation of the taxi firm had been sent to the military.


City Commission Regular Meeting:
City Attorney instructed to draw up a resolution to purchase and install the traffic light (estimated cost $4,000), which would probably be approved by the State Road Dept. For intersections of Orlando and Cocoa Avenue and Atlantic and Cocoa Ave.

Tally of votes of Sunset Island Annexation Referendum of December 13th was read with 11 for and `10 against, and the one absentee ballot was opened which tied the vote. Election declared a draw.


Bud Boysen, President of Canaveral Builders, stated his company had received approval of the plat of Section 3 of Harbor View before the City adopted subdivision or new zoning regulations. His company had worked with the City Engineer in installing sanitary facilities to meet City requirements. He is now caught in the middle of new regulations.

Chairman of the Zoning Board, E.P. Bertram, gave the reasons for the decision to deny a variance stating they did not feel they could pass on the City's moral obligation.

Commissioner Spencer stated he felt City had a moral obligation in this case since the builder had attempted to work with City long before the subdivision was platted. Commissioner Spencer moved an exception be granted. Motions approved.

Ordinance #59 B amending ordinance #59 regulating the operation of taxicabs in Cocoa Beach was adopted as amended after second reading. Adopted.

General discussion on applications for City taxi permit: One from Mr. Fred Osborn, owner of Brevard Taxi of Melbourne, and Mr. Ed Kowal of Brevard Transit. Commissioner O'Connor moved the second taxi permit be awarded at the next meeting between the two filed applicants. 4 Ayes; Commissioner Ballentine abstained.

Reginald Knight, Architect, showed plans and presented copies of specifications for the Branch Public Safety Bldg. #1, and explained alternate bids called for with a rough estimate of cost at $20,000. Bid notice advertised, bid opening date 1/25/61.

Resolution requesting State Road Dept. do a traffic study for intersections of Cocoa and Atlantic and Cocoa and Orlando Avenues, was adopted.

Resolution extending corporate limits of Cocoa Beach by Annexing South Orlando Ave. Road and right of way only, between center line 11th St. South and North line of lot 6 block 17B, 3d addition to Cocoa Beach, adopted.

Invitation to attend Open House of Teen Center January 7th.


City Commission Regular Meeting:

Notice to be given regarding permit holders that City plans to draw up an ordinance to require metered cabs.


City Commission Regular Meeting (continued) Reggie Berkowitz, building contractor for an apartment house on Flagler Lane and Ocean Beach Blvd. stated he had been denied a building permit to construct an apartment building. His property is zoned C-1, however, the building inspector interpreted a required zoning of R-2. City Attorney's opinion as to land use is that only Section VII, C-1 classification could be used, and as long as parking spaces and setback requirements are met, the building permit could not be denied. The Commission instructed the Building Inspector to issue same.

Mr. Teghtmeyer requested interpretation of zoning ordinance relative to auto sales in C-2 general commercial district. He wants to open an auto sales lot with display room and servicing area in Block 105, North Orlando Ave. Between 2d & 3d St. N. Present ordinance does not permit car sales in C-2.

Commissioner Spencer moved to suggest Planning & Zoning Board review C-2 Classification with the possibility of amending the ordinance. Motion passed.

Motion adopted to authorize a loan up to $29,000 with Cocoa Beach State Bank to pay for paving of Loveridge Streets. Sewer assessment receipts to be applied to repay the loan.

Paving project progressing with 11th, 13th, & 15th Streets South finished; 14th and16th Streets South in progress. County District #2 had helped with two streets in Loveridge.


City Commission Regular Meeting:

Ordinance #108 - Taxicab rates within Corporate Limits of City: 35 cents minimum fare 10 cents each quarter mile. Adopted.


City Commission Special Meeting:
City Attorney Irvin read the Bill amending City Charter that the City is requesting our Representative to introduce in the coming session of the State Legislature, explaining The previous Commission approved them. Amendment reads (summarized) - ...the word "Commissioner" in Charter shall include the Mayor-Commissioner; Authority for city police to make arrests within 2 miles of City limits when in "pursuit" of alleged violator; power to issue bonds payable from certain proceeds; Power to issue negotiable bonds to finance or refinance construction or Acquisition of property; authority to annex by resolution areas completely Surrounded by city limits; authority to annex by resolution upon written petition By a majority of registered resident freeholders contiguous to city limits; all Official acts, ordinances, and resolutions passed by City Commission since Adoption of Charter are made legal.


City Commission Regular Meeting:

Agreed consideration be given to the downtown and uptown future parking; to locating the library building in the downtown area; to the possibility of tying parking land in with the library location; and of separating fire hall from City hall since the fire underwriters state the fire station must be within the mercantile area.

Chairman of Recreation Board presented drawings for improvements to beach park in front of Vanguard and Astrocraft Motels. The Board is requesting the City name this park after Alan Shepherd.

Mr. Louis Scalzo and Mr. B.C. Wyatt of the County USO Committee requested City to help USO establish a facility, primarily for sailors who have been arriving at the Port in increasing numbers. They were asking Cocoa Beach to provide a facility or contribute toward renting of one. (Request to be considered in new budget.)

Discussion on problem of minors having BB guns and air rifles in their possession. City Attorney directed to draw up ordinance prohibiting sale or possession of same.


Ordinance prohibiting sale to or possession by a minor of BB guns adopted.


Request of USO for $1,800 was cut from budget since Commission did not feel the City was in a position to subsidize the USO, and facilities were available at Patrick AFB for servicemen coming into the area.


Ordinance #112 - prohibiting sale to a minor or possession by a minor of any air rifle BB gun, slingshot, or switchblade knife read on second reading. Age of minor amended from 21 to 18 years. Motion for #112 as amended adopted.

Letter read from Cocoa Beach Library Board asking to be included in the bond issue as a single item. Board recommended approximately 5000 sq. ft. of floor space as a minimum to serve population of 20,000. The City Manager is to respond saying all consideration would be given to their request.

Letter read from Planning & Zoning Board stating they voted to deny petition of Sandspur Food & Drink Bar, 4301 Ocean Beach Blvd, for variance to permit dancing on a covered, ocean front pavilion, as not in the best interest of the City.


City Commission Regular Meeting: Ordinance #91, amending exhibit A (zoning map)

Changing zoning of Lots 1, 2, and east 42.5ft of Lot 3, Block 27, Cocoa Ocean Beach subdivision from R-1 (single family dwelling district) to R-2 (multiple family dwelling district) read second time; motion adopted.

Motion on second reading to require applicants for City Occupational Licenses as Building Contractors or subcontractor to have competency certificate from Brevard County. Motion was adopted.


City Commission Regular Meeting: City Manager explain a letter from "Florida Free Highways, Inc." requesting resolution opposing validating proceedings on the Sunshine State Parkway Extension from Fort Pierce to Orlando, due to the fact that federal funds may be lost for that portion for I95 that parallels the toll turnpike. After discussion, a motion to authorize City Manager to draft such a resolution was adopted.

A vote to provide $1,700 to decorate downtown and causeway for Christmas was passed.

Resolution annexing lots one through seven in block 53 and that part of block 58 of Escambia Lane extended west of and between the center line of the Banana River and the south line of lot 7, block 53, extended west to and into the waters of Banana River in Cocoa Ocean Beach subdivision, according to the plat of said subdivision recorded in Plat Book 10, page 16 of the Public Records of Brevard County. Resolution adopted.

City Manager Doyle suggested the City authorize tax exemption on fallout shelters, such as the County Tax Assessor has done, to encourage construction. Such shelters could be incorporated as multipurpose rooms in homes being built. City Attorney requested to write a legal opinion from the Florida Attorney General to determine if such tax exemption can be granted, and directed a resolution be drawn if no objection is found.

City Manager brought up the need for a Civil Defense plan, to be worked out with the local Civil Defense & Military authorities, along with the updating of the City's blackout ordinance.


City Commission Regular Meeting: Resolution authorizing the City
Manager to file an Application for Federal Grant for Sewage Treatment Works to be constructed by the City of Cocoa Beach. Grant request in amount of $107,100 would enable the City to begin some of the needed expansion to the sewer plant and system. Resolution adopted.


City Commission Special Meeting:
Called a public hearing on extension of sanitary sewer system to Sunset Drive, to Surf Drive and Wavecrest Drive and to that portion not previously served or assessed on the east side of Atlantic Ave., and on Orange Ave. and on Ocean Beach Blvd. City Manager Doyle read the Resolution adopted 8/17/61, calling for the public hearing. No written objections were received and there was one present at the public hearing to object.


Robert Lockrow of Bee Line Helicopter of Orlando was present and stated his firm is contemplating a shuttle service between Cocoa Beach and Orlando and Melbourne Airports. He has permission from Holiday Inn for a heli-stop behind the hotel. He assured the Commission his helicopters met all FAA requirements, which the site would be acceptable to the FAA and that noise would not be a problem since his copters are muffled and are smaller than military copters flying over the area. The Commission expressed interest in encouraging the service to the area. The City Attorney cited difficulty in permitting such in a C-1 zoned area and it would require an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance.


City Commission Regular Meeting:
Letter from Planning and Zoning Board requesting construction of Bar-VIN apartments on North Atlantic Avenue be stopped until a permit is secured, and that a fine be imposed for not securing the permit before construction. Commission consensus reached that if the lot does not front for at least 25' on a public dedicated street, then it must be accessible by a dedicated access street of at least 30' width, and building plans must show such frontage before permit is issued. City Attorney felt there was not sufficient justification to cite the builder for violation of the ordinance, as the City has some responsibility, if there was verbal permission from a city official.

Ordinance 4-61 levying taxes for the year 1961 on real and personal property at assessed valuation of $31,215,999 less exemptions, at eight mills, was passed on first reading.

Henry Landwirth, on behalf of Chamber of Commerce, requested a letter to State Road Board, stating the City is willing to take over the wayside park on Route 520, and then to turn over part of the park to Jaycees to build a welcome station for the Chamber of Commerce. Motion to accept the request passed by all present.


City Commission Regular Meeting:
Ordinance 4-61 levying taxes for 1961 adopted on second reading.

City Attorney read ordinance regulating the beach for first reading. Passed as amended.

Mayor Kenny read a letter of resignation from James Doyle, City Manager, requesting he be relieved of his duties after October 5, 1961. The Mayor expressed appreciation for the work done by Doyle.

City Attorney Irvin thanked Doyle saying "his time and talent (were given) without regard for his personal life and his devotion to the City has left it a better place."

City Manager's resignation accepted with regret.


City Commission Regular Meeting: Meeting recessed at 7:50 p.m. and resumed 8:00 p.m. at Cocoa Beach Elementary School, where a Public Meeting was held on the proposed general obligation bond issue.

Item #1 - New library building estimated at $50,000 for 5,000 sq. ft. Lots to be purchased from Gus Edwards for $5,000, who requests the library be named after his wife. The Library Board wishes the library to remain in the downtown area.

Item #2 - Municipal Building, which would include City Hall, Fire Station, and Police Station. Jay Davis has offered his services to City at no charge (accepted) with City paying costs for drafting and blue- printing directly to draftsman and printer. Cost approximately $130,000.

Item#3 - Option secured on 200 ft. south of City Hall on Orlando and for another 75 ft. to the west on Cocoa Avenue for about $50.000 to be used for off-street parking.

Item#4 - City to secure oceanfront property for parking, recreation, and bathhouses, since the price is getting very high. (Show of hands -- the majority present favored some oceanfront land being purchased.)

Item#5 - Commission considering about $50,000 for recreation.

Item #6 - $400,000 would be needed for street, sidewalk and drainage construction to improve downtown and uptown areas.

Second public hearing set for October 12, 1961.


Public Hearing on General Obligation Bond issue. Sidewalks would be assessed on front foot basis. $1 per ft. with assessment at 100% of cost in commercial zones, and 50% in residential zones, no assessment where abut on side of lots.

Fiscal agent BJ Van Ingen & Co: 1 million dollars for 22 years, 27 years and 30 years bonds. He compared estimate growth curve of city over past 3 years with actual growth showing greater increasing of taxable value over that anticipated.

George King reported on recreation board recommendations.

Mayor Kenny reported no oceanfront property has as yet been located.

Report on Daytona Beach's bathhouse was given. Meeting adjourned. Third Public Meeting to be held in November.


City Commission Regular Meeting: David Porter attorney for Walter Harrell & Assoc. Presented a 3-year contract for supplying Xmas decorations at a cost of $5,100 ($800 first year; $2375 second and third years). Number of decorations increased from 34 to 41 with the City paying for three and Harrell supplying an additional four. City Attorney stated public liability insurance in amount of $100,000 and $300,000 should be secured by the contractor. (Porter said that was agreeable) Contracted adopted with clause for insurance.

Resolution calling for Special Election for submission to the Freeholders who are qualified Electors residing in the City of Cocoa Beach the question of the Issuance of $60,000 Library Bonds; $130,000 Municipal Building Bonds; $400,000 Street Improvement Bonds; $55,000 Public Park Improvement Bonds; $230,000 Municipal Land Bonds; to be held November 28, 1961 was read by City Attorney. Resolution also established registration dates. Adopted.


Regular Meeting (continued) City Attorney Irvin reported a letter from the State Attorney General indicated he believes fallout shelters can be exempted from taxes.


City Commission Regular Meeting: Instructed the City Attorney to draw up an ordinance vacating and closing that portion of Banks Street between Holly and Tulip Avenues to remain in full force and effect for one year from date of passage and thereafter only if within one year period a 100-unit motel or other similar improvement has been constructed.

Authorization to install storm drain from northwest corner of Volusia Lane and Banana River Blvd. to the 24" drain one-half block north of Volusia was approved. Cost estimate $500.

A letter was read from the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce conveying Gus Edward's offer to begin a fund to investigate David Brinkley for his recent TV program on Cocoa Beach. No action taken.


Public Hearing at Cocoa Beach Elementary School: Bond proposal presented by Commissioner Ketcham on streets, drainage, and sidewalks through map display. Recreation Board Chairman King presented the proposal.

Ben Ricker, President Jaycees, presented slides of Vero Beach oceanfront park improved by Jaycees and turned over to City of Vero Beach.

Mayor Kenney explained average cost per year to homeowner for proposed $930,000 would be 1 and ½ mills.


Special Meeting:
City Clerk Kay Wright reported on absentee ballots. Unofficial returns on bond issue showed passage of all six items on the ballot.


Special Meeting Ballots and returns of Special Bond Election were reviewed. Resolution adopted for bonds.

Jerry Singer formally appointed City Manager effective December, 1961.

Contract awarded Albert J. Tuttle to appraise properties within the City for the 1962 tax rolls.


City Commission Regular Meeting: City Attorney directed to draw up an ordinance making the City a bird sanctuary.

Mayor Kenny reported the City had received a contract for purchase of 300 ft. of ocean-front land at $600 front foot located 420 ft. North of Satellite Motel. City Attorney discussed contract and agreed to closing sale within 15 days after receipt of proceeds of GO bond. Authorization to proceed passed.


Regular meeting (continued) Approval of 22 year maturity schedule for GO bonds adopted.


City Commission Regular Meeting:
Ordinance closing, vacating, and abandoning part of Banks Street, and renouncing, disclaiming and discontinuing all right, title, and interest therein of the city was read on first reading by City Attorney. Title to same to revert to City if within 6 months construction on a 100 unit motel has not begun.


City Commission Regular Meeting:
Discussion on Ordinance closing, vacating and abandoning part of Banks Street, and Renouncing, disclaiming and discontinuing all rights, etc. of the City read a second time. It was stated there was still a "for sale" sign posted on the property and that it remains on the local market. The Commission indicated it did not favor closing the street for speculation purposes. Vote on the second reading of Ordinance was tabled.

City Attorney Irvin reported requesting bond attorneys to have a resolution on the GOB ready for next week. It would probably be February 1 before the City would get petition for validation and near end of March before the bonds could be sold.

Estimate received of $1800 for paving Banana River Blvd for the Venetian Way Developers to pave the City's 10 ft. Portion. Estimate only about $180 more than City Engineer estimate.

City Manager Singer recommended Acting Police Chief William Walker be appointed as Chief, with a salary increase to $110 per week. Appointment approved.


City Commission Regular Meeting:
Ordinance #115 establishing Lands Within the City of Cocoa Beach as a Bird Sanctuary and Prohibiting the Intentional Killing or Injuring of any Bird within the corporate limits of the City was read on second reading. Adopted.

Mayor Kenney read letters from the Planning and Zoning Board advising of following actions:

Granting of conditional use for a nursing home on the west portion of parcel 14 of Young & Metzner subdivision.

Disapproval of request for variances on rear and side yard setbacks on Lot 3 Block A Parsons addition.

Recommendation zoning change from R1 (single) to R2 (multiple) for Lot 14 Block 35 Cocoa Beach subdivision.

Results of discussion on possibility of infringement of zoning ordinance at Jake's Bowlarama.

Requested clarification of Zoning Board's authority if it is felt they have acted In excess of authority.

Meeting scheduled for 6:30 p.m. February 1 between City Manager and Zoning Board to clarify understanding of authority.

City Attorney requested adoption of a resolution calling for submitting the $930,000 General Obligation Bond for validation. Resolution passed.

Letter from City Engineer Bostwick, stated Bahama Road in Cocoa Isles 5th addition, Samar Road in Cocoa Isles 4th addition had been completed in accordance with specifications of the City's subdivision ordinance and recommended acceptance upon receipt of 12 months maintenance bonds. Maintenance bonds were shown and $10,000 mortgage deed was released upon motion by Commissioner Spencer. Motion passed.


City Commission Regular Meeting: City Attorney reported petition for validation of General Obligation Bonds had been received which he will file with the Court and the City could expect to know by the end of next week when it will be on the Court Docket.

An amendment to Ordinance #91 (Zoning Ordinance) changing classification of Lot 14 block 35 Cocoa Beach subdivision from R-1 to R-2, adopted.


City Commission Special Meeting:
Proclamation declaring week of February 7-13 as Boy Scout Week adopted.

Ordinance #116 closing, vacating, abandoning, etc. part of Alley located between lots 20 & 21 and lots 22 & 23, block 100 plat of first addition to Cocoa Beach, subject to certain conditions adopted on second reading.


City Commission Regular Meeting:
City Attorney Irvin on second reading of Ordinance #114, prohibiting a person from maintaining certain nuisances as herein defined on any real property located within The City of Cocoa Beach. Adopted.

Second reading of Ordinance #91 (Zoning Ordinance) for changing classifications from R-1 to R-2 adopted.

City Attorney read Ordinance establishing a free Public Library in the City of Cocoa Beach providing for the administration and operation of said Library. First reading. Passed by all present.


City Commission Regular Meeting:
Ordinance #117 establishing a Free Public Library adopted on second reading.

Planning & Zoning Board's recommendations: Annex tract of land being purchased by Aerospace Corp for an office building As C-1.

Approve request of First Christian Church for construction of a church building on a parcel of land fronting South Brevard Avenue, north of 5th Street and east Of Sunset drive.

Request to Brevard County Zoning Board to zone area north of Sunset Garage C-1 for the first 400 ft. From A1A westerly and the remaining property to west As R-2.

City Attorney reported General Obligation Bond Issue was validated at 2:45 today. Now follows the 20 day appeal process.

City Manager requested authority to negotiate borrowing funds to purchase oceanfront land, since option is up, until the bond money becomes available. Commission agreed but requested further explanation why it would take so long to secure money from bonds.


City Commission Special Meeting:
City Attorney Irvin read, for the record, the completed Resolution on Assignment of $180,000 from the GOB to the Cocoa Beach State Bank for advance cash to purchase oceanfront land under option. Resolution adopted.


City Commission Organizational Meeting:
Commissioner Ketcham appointed Mayor Pro-tem. He then asked for nominations for Municipal Judge. Commissioner Irvin moved Robert McGregor be appointed to continue as Municipal Judge. Ayes: all present.

Frank Wolfe then appointed City Prosecutor; Leon Stromire appointed City Attorney; Ayes: all present.

Jerry Singer appointed City Manager; Kathleen Wright to continue City Treasurer and Tax Assessor.

Various names appointed to Recreation Board, Library Board, and Zoning Board.


City Commission Regular Meeting:
Status of police boat: patrolling past two weekends - no arrests made. Plans underway for school of handling boats.


Commissioner Irvin advised he had reviewed provisions of proposed deed for gift purchase of land from Gus Edwards for new library. Under proposed deed, city cannot ever sell the land, city can breach the deed and then turn around and buy it back, but must do so at value then placed on property. City is talking about putting $50,000 building on this land and therefore deed should be much simpler and maybe the city should just purchase the land outright.

Commissioner Irvin requested to contact James Edwards on basis the City will be glad to take title, give mortgage, name wing after Clara Edwards, but wants deed without restrictions.

Ordinance #91A providing for mobile food and drink concessions in ocean beach district presented. Further amended to include sale of cigarettes and tobacco products. Motion seconded for purposes of discussion. Further amended to include sun tan lotions and sun glasses. Ordinance #91A as amended adopted.

Bid accepted for mobile-marine transmitter-receivers for GE equipment to be used for lifeguard vehicle, public works superintendent truck and sewer superintendent's truck.

George King on behalf of Recreation Board, recommended appointment of City Commission member to meet with Surfside Players and discuss ways in which City may assist in building a theater within the City.

City Manager reported bids are out on concrete slabs and tennis courts lighting of Edwards field, fencing, etc.


City Manager Singer reported the bids for construction of the municipal building and library had been tabulated and the low bidder was Innanen Bros. from Orlando, with a base bid of $190,381 for the building with the substitution of stucco in lieu of facing panels on west walls of the municipal building. Bid awarded to Innanen Bros. based on bid.


Commissioner Irvin advised he reviewed the provisions of proposed deed for gift-purchase of land from Gus Edwards for new library, as requested by Commission. Under proposed deed, the City cannot ever sell the land, that the City can breach the deed and then turn around and buy it back but must do so at value then placed on property. He suggested the City should purchase property outright, or remove deed restrictions from sale.


Commissioner Irvin presented amendments to Library Land deed provisions received from Attorney James Edwards on behalf of Gus Edwards who is donating the land. Discussion followed with Commissioner Irvin favoring acceptance since if the City did default it could then purchase the land for $10,000 plus cost-of living index; Mayor pro-tem Ketcham stated he would accept the land from Mr. Edwards without all the other deed restrictions on the basis the City would name a wing after Mrs. Edwards. City Attorney Stromire pointed out default could cost the City money in legal fees, etc., in addition to the land value, stating he felt the land could be acquired without all the more objectionable items in the restrictions. After further discussion, adoption of the Ordinance on the first reading passed.


Ordinance #123 accepting deed of land from Gus C. Edwards and Clara M. Edwards was adopted on second reading.


City Commission Regular Meeting:
City Attorney Wolfe read Ordinance amending Ordinance #89 as to fill and canals regulations on 2nd reading. Commissioner Davis requested this be broadened so that canals would be dredged to meet requirements if done prior subdividing land. City Attorney felt such problems could be controlled by adopting an ordinance on dredging and excavating and use of land in other than subdivisions. Commission instructed City Attorney to draw an ordinance covering this issue and to involve City Engineer.


Special Meeting: Ordinance 135 amending Ordinance 91 permitting Theaters in C-1 areas adopted on second reading.


Special Meeting: Recreation Board recommended new Teen Center to include: basketball court, lounge, ping-pong, arts & crafts, dressing rooms, to hold over 300. Estimated cost $25,000. Plan approved by all present. 04/18/63 General discussion on a proposal by Cocoa Beach Commission to meet with the City Commission of Cape Canaveral on the issue of creating one city between Patrick AFB and Cape Canaveral. A bold move seen as a progressive step to make the "beach" an area all could be proud of. A suggestion to get the media involved in asking voters to contact their councilman or commissioner to test feelings about such a proposal.


Mayor Murkshe stated the City Commission of Cocoa Beach and the cooperating Cape Canaveral Commissioners had worked very hard and spent many long hours writing a Charter and reaching an agreement for the Consolidated City of Canaveral Beach, and that it was unfortunate that it apparently could not be salvaged at this late date. He further stated that the need for the amendments to the City Charter were very great, And he called upon the citizens who were present to support the Charter Amendment by advising their Legislators of their concern for passage.


Commissioner Irvin moved the developers Yacht Haven Subdivision Unit II be required to construct a bridge having a clearance of 8' above mean high tide and having an open span of a minimum of 30' on 4th Street south over the north-south inland waterway. Motion passed.


Commissioner Irvin moved Mark Mahannah be appointed architect for construction of the golf course and recreational complex at a fee not to exceed $19,200 and the Mayor and City Clerk be authorized to execute contract. Passed by all present.


Resolution requesting State Road Department initiate a study to redesign A1A from SR520 to 4th Street North: adopted Resolution to SRD requesting traffic signal survey at intersection A1A and Holly Ave. did not pass.


Recreation Board recommended denial of franchise on Beach Food Concessions stating it would not add to the attraction of the beach; would cause traffic problems; and be an expense keeping beach clean. Recommendation unanimously upheld by Commission.

Mr. Charles Long appointed the first full-time Fire Chief of the City of Cocoa Beach.


Ordinance amending Ordinance #72, commonly known as Morals Offenses Ordinance, making peeping or loitering an offense. Ayes: All.


City Commission Regular Meeting: serious traffic condition exists and it looks like two people may die as a result. State Road Department has not acted on request to put traffic light in front of Holiday Inn, and an objection was made that they did not request one at Cocoa Isles Blvd. as well. State Road Department said they were waiting for a Resolution from City of Cocoa Beach. Suggestion made to compile statistics re injuries; Commissioner Moline stated police summary already submitted; question of should we have more patrolmen in area; City Manager said Police Chief would have to make such a request. Suggestion made to pass a Resolution; City Manager asked to coordinate the problem and look at correspondence and if necessary, ask the Mayor to call a special meeting to adopt "whatever". Further lengthy discussion on whether there should be another survey done.


City Commission Regular Meeting: Whether there should be one light, two, or five; how much it would cost and who would pay for it; and could Federal help be obtained to finance project. Resolution to do [something] was read and passed. (No details on resolution)


City Commission Regular Meeting: Discussion and vote on Ordinance for levying a mandatory fine of $300 for speeding on the beach. Tie vote: ordinance failed. Citizens petition opposing amending the Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance was submitted to the City Commission; signed by 202 residents. (Note: petitioners designated not registered to vote were not counted as opposition.)


City Commission Regular Meeting:
Discussion of Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance allowing package goods to be sold on Sundays between the hours of l p.m. and 2 a.m. Several citizens spoke for and against the ordinance. An amendment was moved to allow sales between 1 p.m. and 9 p.m. The Ordinance as amended passed by a 3 to 2 margin.

Due to the increasing number of business enterprises moving into the City of Cocoa Beach, a recommendation was made by the City Clerk/Treasurer Kay Wright to change the fee structure for Occupational Licenses. The City was losing revenue, since many start up businesses had no classification and were therefore paying the minimum $25. After lengthy discussion, motion passed to change fee structure.


Special City Commission Meeting: Subject: Occupational License Ordinance - A motion passed changing fees as follows to become effective 8/1/64: Real Estate Salesman - $10; Stock Broker - $50; Registered Representative of Stock Broker - $10; Banks - $100 (if not exempt); Aero Space Industries - $100; Gas Stations - $75 plus fee for more than 4 pumps; Funeral classifications grouped into one classification.

Motion to purchase land (two lots adjacent to Library) for $18,000. Unanimously adopted.

Motion on resolution to have four lanes on bridges on RT520 passed unanimously.


City Commission Regular Meeting: Motion to accept low bid of $24,893 from Children Construction for Fire Station addition. Adopted.


City Commission Regular Meeting: Discussion of preliminary plans for the Cocoa Beach Recreation Complex to be funded by revenue bonds in amount of $1,548,000.


City Commission Special Meeting: Second reading of Ordinance #194. An ordinance repealing Ordinance #91 of the City of Cocoa Beach, as amended and known as the Zoning Ordinance, and adopting a new ordinance regulating the number of stories and size of buildings and other structures, the percentage of lots that may be occupied, the size of yards, courts and other open spaces. The density of population, and the use of buildings, structures, and land and water areas for industry trade, residence or other purposes creating districts and establishing the boundaries thereof; defining certain terms used herein, providing for certain methods of administration and amendment; establishing a Board of Adjustment and providing for its powers and procedures and repealing Ordinance #156 as amended; providing penalties for violation; repealing conflicting ordinances or parts of ordinances; all in accordance with Chapter 59-1187, Laws of Florida (1959), as amended. Ordinance #194 adopted: unanimously.


City Commission Regular Meeting: request to install loud speakers on outside of Western Auto Building for playing of Christmas Carols. Permission granted, ayes: all. City Attorney Frank Wolfe reported on a matter concerning ABC Liquor. The latter's Lawsuit is yet to be ruled upon by the court. The final argument before the Court will be December 18th. The court has already ruled: 1. In 1960, the City of Cocoa Beach as it existed, had a population of 3,465. 2. Taking the city limits as they exist today, there is a population of 6,251. 3. The city limits as encumbered on April 24, 1964, the population included the area is greater that 6,251. The pertinent law requires that liquor licenses may be issued, one for every 2,500 persons or major portion thereof. The last census was conducted in 1960.


City Commission Regular Meeting: Bid awarded for two police cruisers to Indian River Chevrolet for $4,322.99. Cars 35 and 27 to be traded in leaving a cash balance due of $2,700. City Manager Singer advised the transfer of one car be made to the Fire Department for use in transporting personnel between stations, and for use by fire inspector. It was decided to trade in both vehicles.

Draft of golf course plan requested to be placed in file and recorded. That Commission members review final draft for discussion at work session on 1/5/65.


City Commission Regular Meeting: Presentation of initial plans for Recreation Complex, funding, revenue bonds, etc. Library requests $827.50 supplement to budget for Sunday operating hours.


City Commission Regular Meeting: Commissioner Moline requested the City Manager to send letter to the American Machine & Foundry, inviting them to send a representative to review the possibilities of running a monorail from south county area to the Cape-Mila area. The Boeing Co. is also to be asked for same information.

Report by City Attorney that depositions were taken from Mayor Murkshe, the City Clerk/Treasurer, and Public Works Director Bancroft regarding concerns of beach front Homeowners. The Law is clear that when Florida was reinstated to the Union, the State of Florida retained as its sovereign interest, the tide lands and that they are definitely the owners of the area between the high water mark and the low water mark. This area belongs to the people of the State of Florida, and is held by the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund. The Legislature and our Charter gives the City of Cocoa Beach the right to issue franchises over this area, control over the area and that the City has granted, certain individuals, franchises to rent rafts.


City Commission Regular Meeting: Resolution directing publication of sale for $1,553,000 Recreation complex revenue bonds of the City of Cocoa Beach, dated 12/1/64. Resolution passed 3 to 2.


Special City Commission Meeting: Vote on bidding of revenue bonds for recreational complex. Low bid by Goodbody & Co. at 3.9077% (net interest cost $1,250,914). After considerable discussion, this bid was accepted by a 3 to 2 vote.


Special Meeting: City Attorney Wolfe explained there was a discrepancy in the counting of ballots in Precinct A. He offered to assist the Clerks, explaining the method used. He had asked any two individuals present at the polling places to look over his shoulder while he counted. Five election clerks were in disagreement with the count and could not certify a vote at that time. However, they continued counting. The Commission then undertook consideration of the problem. It was decided to have the ballots impounded and a new counting to take place the next day at 10a.m. The Election Clerks were instructed that only members of the Election Board were to be involved in the counting. The Commission to reconvene at noon the same day for certification of election.


Special Meeting: Results of election. 680 ballots cast, 4 ballots void. One absentee ballot was declared illegal due to being received after the deadline. 11 absentee ballots were counted. Winners were Tillman (588), Pfeiffer (561). There is to be a continuing investigation into the irregularities of the voting process.


Regular Meeting: Commissioner Tillman informed the Commission that the proposed Banana River Expressway is no longer part of the State Road Departments plan. County Commissioners believe it is feasible to build the Pineda Expressway disconnected from the Banana River.


Regular Meeting: an article in the Daily Times, quoted as coming from the Office of the Governor, indicated that we will have a Banana River Expressway whether we like it or not.


Regular Meeting: With the assistance of Dr. Lesser, a library consultant from Miami, it has been determined that the Cocoa Beach Public Library is inadequate to meet the needs of a growing city. It was decided to retain an architect to draw expansion plans, and the City Manager was directed to attend a meeting of the County Commissioners to and recommend to them that the begin a study to establish a County Unit System in Brevard.


Special Meeting: Purpose, a Public Hearing on the advisability and propriety of widening Banana River Blvd. to four lanes.


Regular Meeting: Doub Bek, representing Cocoa Beach High School submitted a request that Cocoa Avenue, on which the high school is located, be changed to Minutemen Blvd. City Attorney directed to prepare a resolution to that effect, also Mayor Murkshe advised other street name changes were in the offering and that it might be well to incorporate them all at the same time.


Regular Meeting: Resolution changing names of streets as follows: Frescada Drive to Fairview Drive; Dolce Drive to Dorset Drive; Garcia Drive to Brightwaters Drive; and Cocoa Avenue to Minutemen Causeway. Resolution passed as amended (Cocoa Avenue change removed until area merchants could respond to change)


Regular Meeting (cont'd) Area merchants to be given until next meeting on November 4th on renaming Cocoa Avenue.


Regular Meeting: The City will sponsor a purchase award for the upcoming Cocoa Beach Art Festival at a cost of $200, as one way of encouraging participation in the Festival.

Vote on change of name of Cocoa Avenue tabled until next regular meeting.


Regular Meeting: Motion to remove from table the resolution of name change of Cocoa Avenue Doug Bek, Chairman of name changing committee spoke for the resolution, stating he had signatures of 14 merchants favoring the name change and nine opposed, all located on Cocoa Avenue.
Mr. Wolfe Neuman, presented a petition from business people and residents of Cocoa Avenue opposed to the name change, (six families living on Cocoa Avenue signed the petition, as have eighteen merchants who were opposed.

Amendments to the Resolution began to further confuse the issue, so a recess was called, after which the regular meeting continued. The Resolution was amended to make the change in name effective June 30, 1966. The Resolution passed by 3 to 1.


Regular Meeting: Ordinance #240 pertaining to the area of a "Bird Sanctuary" in the City of Cocoa Beach. Ordinance to include all lands within the corporate limits lying east of certain US Govt. section lines, was read for a second time by City Attorney. Discussion: when the whole city had been declared a bird sanctuary, the city was only on the mainland. When corporate limits moved west to thread of Banana River, the bird sanctuary boundaries also went to west limits. Vote: Ordinance #240 adopted, unanimously.

Ordinance #241: revision suggested to prohibit discharging firearms within the City of Cocoa Beach but permitting controlled recreational activities as permitted by resolution, and providing that hunting of migratory wild fowl shall not be unlawful in certain areas if not prohibited by State or Federal wildlife conservation laws. The assistant manager of the Merritt Island wildlife refuge made several comments and advised that hunting hours were half-hour before sunrise to sunset. He also advised the agency is empowered to enforce restrictions anywhere, insofar as migratory fowl are concerned. Vote: Ordinance #241 adopted, unanimously.


Regular meeting: A resident of the City of Cocoa Beach requested the commission to adopt an Ordinance-requiring merchants to pay $5,000 license fee to sell products made by communist countries, and to post a sign advising they sell such products. The intent of the ordinance was to support our armed forces fighting in Vietnam. After discussion, the matter was turned over to the City Attorney to determine the suitability of such an ordinance when the Federal Govt. had no such restrictions.


Regular meeting: Resolution 67-6, (text) in respect and honor and in memory of Virgil Grissom, Edward White, and Roger Chaffee, astronauts adopted unanimously.


Regular meeting: Date of March 2, 1967 named for special hearing on the Banana River Expressway question. Residents have not yet had an opportunity to speak on a project that will adversely affect riverfront property owners.


Regular meeting recessed by mayor and all moved to the high school for the special hearing on the proposed Banana River Expressway. A representative of the Brevard County Planning Dept. spoke saying, in part, "it will be an expensive route to build and is planned to handle city-wide traffic and not intended to be designed as an expressway. Within the current land mass, there could be 18,000 residents, and the area within the bulkhead line is roughly equivalent in population, and could be increased if the density changed from the estimate of 2.2 per gross acre.

A letter was read from the State Conservation Department, in part, "the proposed (expressway) is a startling revelation" and "(we were) not consulted in the planning for this large project.
A letter was read from a biologist of the conservation department: "we are opposed to the 'Banana-split' project, and opposed to any sort of finger fill or causeway dredging which would do damage."
Several residents spoke of their opposition to the project. Then Commission members spoke, and all but the Mayor, spoke in opposition to the project. The meeting was recessed and returned to City Hall to continue the regular meeting, after which, the meeting was adjourned.


Regular meeting: Resolution 67-18, favoring establishment of a coordinated county library system. Resolution adopted.


Special meeting: City Manager report: Beverage license bill for Recreation Complex passed the House of Representatives and was in the Senate; increase of cigarette tax from 8 cents to 10 cents per pack has been voted favorably out of committee, and if passes City of Cocoa Beach would receive an additional $50,000 per year; resort tax has run into trouble.
Discussion of Ordinance 1-67, an appropriations budget for fiscal year beginning July 1, was discussed and voted on, and adopted, in the amount of $1,496,220.


Regular Meeting: Mayor Murkshe reported that January 23 would be Willard Peebles Day in Brevard County, and that the Banana River Bridge would be dedicated in honor of Mr. Peebles on that day. The honor is in appreciation for all Mr. Peebles did for the county as a member of the State Road Board.
Mr. Ball, of 5604 Banana River Blvd, read a petition signed by residents and owners of property protesting the installation of the planned 13-foot center mall under construction and the planned curbing on that street. The petition stated the mall denied them proper and suitable ingress and egress to their property; the curbing creates drainage and flooding problems; that no parking restrictions must be imposed.
Mayor Murkshe explained that the City had held public hearings on this issue and approval was given to the project based on residents' comments living in the area at the time the project was proposed. Several Commission members and residents spoke to the issue, and it was decided that some attention should be given to correcting possible problems if it was financially feasible.


K. Wright appointed City Clerk-Treasurer and acting City Tax Assessor with an annual salary of $11,000.


Ordinance E292: An emergency ordinance amending chapter 15 of the code of ordinances. New section 15-39; providing that it shall be unlawful to sell, rent, lease, or in any way deliver or transfer for cash or credit, any merchandise in the area adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and extending westerly to the seawall line, and extending north and south to the northernmost and southernmost boundaries of the city. Adopted.


Ordinance #294 - relating to off street parking. Adopted
Ordinance #295 - relating to setbacks for swimming pools and enclosures. Adopted.


Ordinance #296 - relating to piers, docks, and boathouses. Adopted. Ordinance #297 - relating to requirements concerning fences, walls, and hedges. Adopted.


Ordinance #298 - relating to animals besides dogs on beach, charges, time limits. Adopted.


Ordinance #301 - relating to disposal of obsolete documents. Adopted.


Public Hearing on Bulkheads with Senator Stone of the subcommittee of the Florida Legislative Council Committee on Beaches and Shoreline erosion was present.


Resolution 68-22 naming public road in front of golf club house and swimming pool Tom Warriner Blvd. Adopted.


Ordinance #303 - relating to mobile home use for business purposes. Adopted.


Commissioner Busby advised that due to the recent train derailment, five carloads of steel, scheduled for the construction of the addition to the Cape Canaveral Hospital, had been damaged, causing delay in the project.


Mr. Irvin's report of the Beach Advisory Committee on the issue of private property lines along beaches. After a very lengthy discussion, the recommendations of the committee were voted upon and accepted.


At a special meeting, a resolution was passed to gain public sentiment relating to the use and control of public ocean beaches within the City of Cocoa Beach. Results to be a guide to commissioners in making their decisions. A vote on the following would be solicited: 1. Permit driving on entire public beach? 2. Would you approve a ¾ mill tax to be used to purchase ocean front property and provide lifeguard service and beach maintenance. Would you support proposed county wide beach authority to a maximum of ½ mill levy? for lifeguards, beach maintenance, erosion control and ocean front property purchase?


Ordinance #307 relating to townhouse residential district, definitions of minimum height restrictions, size, density, setbacks. Adopted (as amended).


$20,000 increase in Library budget for the newly expanded facility, and an additional $10,000 contingency budget item in the event Brevard County does not increase their budget for the library system.

A request was made by the Recreation Board that the Director's salary be increased by $200. The City Manager stated he would have to review all department heads if this request was granted. It was decided to stick with the normal step increase already budgeted.

It was also suggested that an Assistant Recreation Director was needed in order to handle the Current workload.
An amount of $7,500 was added to the budget for this purpose.
Bid accepted for Mack Fire Truck in amount of $35,951.


A report that crabs had been found dead in crab pots, suggesting there was a problem in the canals which should be investigated. Also reported that several ducks were found dead. Brevard County Health Department to be contacted about the problem.


Ordinance #320, defining "junk yard". Adopted on second reading
Ordinance #316, providing for fencing, enclosures, etc. of junk yards. Adopted
Ordinance #E324, providing a new surfing zone and defining limits. Adopted


Report that the City Jail and Waste Water Treatment Plant were inspected and found to be in very satisfactory condition.


An invitation to grand opening of Time Tracer and Universe Group Services, Headquarters for "Moonport Tours". An effort to get tourism established on the Beach.

An emergency ordinance considered extending the sale of alcoholic beverages to 5 a.m. each day, commencing 11/7 and ending two days after the launch of Apollo 12. Approved by all present. (#E335)