Brevard League of Municipalities discussed having international flights out of Melbourne.

Ordinance prohibiting throw rug hanging over balcony railings.

Increase Marine Patrol at night in canals to stop illegal fishing. Commercial fishing is banned in Canals.


Future land use becomes big issue. Mayor Brown applies for representation to the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Local developer purchased a high rise piece of fire aerial equipment, but the City must transport it to Cocoa Beach, paint it, and house the equipment.


Established the regional water supply authority.


Local business asked the City Commission to form a Board of Trade.


City Commission recommends a study of oil refinery's effects on coastal waters. Planning and Zoning Board to make determination.


At a workshop meeting of the Commission, it was suggested that water skiing be eliminated in all residential canals.


The Thousand Islands is designated as a natural aquatic preserve.


City Commission endorses a crime watch program and encourages the cooperation of civic organizations and individuals with the City police department.


Fire Department high rise aerial equipment is being driven from California (500-600) miles a day. The equipment has passed performance tests.


Living aboard watercraft more than three days is unlawful. The three day limit requires boats be anchored at a licensed marina.


Police Department is concerned about home and business alarms in the City. In 1970 the department answered 844 alarms and 838 were false alarms. In 1978, they answered 820 alarms, and 815 were false alarms.


City Commission approves bid for a new Chevrolet Impala at $6,780 for the police department.


Ocean front property is now appraised at $3,048 an ocean front foot.

Discussion on Holiday Inn expanding by purchasing the Beach Motel. The combination of the two represent the current location of Holiday Inn.


Women's Club of Cocoa Beach open discussion about a facility for a community center.


The County has made an application for a $300,000 grant to develop Lori Wilson Park.


A proposal to annex Snug Harbor and points south was brought before the City Commission.


Harbor Cay disaster! The condominium now known as Fountain Cove, collapsed during construction killing several workers.


Smoking is banned at public meetings, commission meetings and workshops.


Alcoholic beverages, other than wine and beer, are permitted to be sold on Sunday, April 11 in bars and lounges.


Deferred compensation plans, similar to IRAs is first introduced to city employees.


Sewage connection fees are raised from $550 to $1,000.

Street Lighting to be converted to pressure sodium lights which will save the city $28,000 per year.


Recreation Board will not permit a closed structure in Lori Wilson Park unless it houses actual recreation activities, e.g. basketball, handball, etc.


State Board of Health threatens to close the City swimming pool because it is a health risk for users.


Any interference in the City of Cocoa Beach zoning problems by HUD is unwelcome.

Permission to build a yacht club at the recreation center is denied. No private clubs are allowed on public lands.


The City swimming pool at the recreation center produces such little revenue from fees, the suggestion is made to make pool use free for a period of time to determine if the move will increase pool use.

A study - Rod Cavin of Alan Ladd Productions, addressed the Commission asking for approval to use the beach area at the end of Minutemen Causeway for a two-day shooting for the film, "The Right Stuff", to be released by Warner Bros. It is a story about the early space program, spanning Chuck Yeager's initial breaking of the sound barrier through the Mercury Astronaut program. Approval of the request was unanimous.


Report on Canaveral Port Authority. The citizens of Cocoa Beach subsidize this port, and that in 1980, the cost to local residents was $140,000. It was suggested we could pave a lot of roads in the City with that kind of money, and that we should look into weaning the port from the taxing district.


Commission discussed the City's need in getting service or perimeter roads in order to get vehicles off A1A, and requested a workshop on ideas of getting a tax bill with the sole purpose to raise money in order to buy land through condemnation procedures.


A report that the people in the area around Howard Johnson's and Royal Colonial are very happy about the new Publix, but they are concerned about the traffic problem.


Rod Cavin of Alan Ladd Productions addressed the Commission asking for approval to use the beach area at the end of Minutemen Causeway for a two day shooting for the film, "The Right Stuff", to be released by Warner Bros. It is a story about the early space program spanning Chuck Yeager's initial breaking of the sound barrier through the Mercury Astronaut program. Approval of the request was unanimous.


Assistant City Manager requested authorization to build a pistol firing range on the west side of the Golf Course. It had been discussed at a workshop session and the use of this range would be limited to Police Departments and no one else would be permitted to use the course unless it was brought back to the Commission for approval. After a brief discussion the request was approved by all Commissioners present and voting.


It was reported by the City Manager that police cars had been operating on LP gas for one year. In figuring the cost compared with cars using unleaded gas, the net saving to the City is about $1,168 per year.


Cape Canaveral Hospital, when originally designed, was to be a 10-story building. At the time it was approved by referendum in setting up the tax district. The economy at the time was such that only a 4-story building was built. The hospital now needs to expand three more stories and this would push them a hair above the 85' height limit. The City Attorney advised that under equitable estoppel, the original project is grandfathered in and take precedence over the height limit adopted in the Zoning Ordinance of the City Charter. The Commission should just say "fine, the 85' limit does not apply in this particular case." Motion to Approve was passed by all Commissioners voting.


The City Manager spoke on the subject of the Grand Jury investigation of the Cocoa Beach Police Department. The State Attorney's office was also asked to investigate the Florida Law Enforcement Department. Accusations were made regarding theft and other misconduct and findings of fact, and some items that were beyond the statue of limitations for prosecution. No person was willing to come forward to sign complaints or offer evidence against the officers charged with misconduct. In any case, the officers named in the complains were suspended with pay and have subsequently been notified that they will be terminated from their positions, and the case evidence submitted to the State for decertification of both officers.

Mayor Brown expressed his thanks that this was brought into the open by independent investigators, and that he was relieved the problem did not go beyond two officers. He stated this should signal to every officer that they are in positions of trust, and it is their duty to uphold the law and not be influenced by friendships with officers who may commit criminal acts.


Motion to disapprove reorganization of Cape Canaveral Hospital to a private nonprofit hospital. A question was asked about where taxpayer money went when the hospital changed hands, and the Mayor responded it was his understanding ownership had not changed hands but that former tax monies paid went toward building and operating the hospital.

Under state law, the hospital will be operating as a private nonprofit hospital and that they do not need to meet in the Sunshine, they can be self-perpetuating and do not have to be accountable to any public officials or taxpayers who have helped build the hospital. Further, the physical assets, i.e., land, building and all equipment contained there will remain the property of the tax district in perpetuity and the hospital is merely leased. Any profits will be used to pay off the bond issue. Also, 65% of users of the hospital are residents of Merritt Island and 35% are from Cocoa Beach. Motion of disapproval passed by a vote of 4-1.