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The State of Florida provides for "Home Rule" which means that incorporated municipalities are allowed to make local law provided that such law is not superseded by the laws created by the State of Florida. The State statutes also delineate the powers and authority of the counties as well as that of all state agencies. The City of Cocoa Beach therefore has created its local laws which can be found in the City Charter and the City Code of Ordinances Municode Website.

Land Development Code

The City Charter addresses the form of government that we have in Cocoa Beach. It also specifies the manner in which governmental powers are distributed. The City Charter can only be changed by the voters via referenda. The City Code of Ordinances represents local ordinances and laws as created by the legislative body of the City of Cocoa Beach, which is the City Commission.

It is important to understand that local ordinances are created and/or modified as a result of the wants, needs and desires of the community at large. Many ordinances have been created over time to address or correct problems that affect the health, safety and welfare of the community. Still others, related to community planning, are created to preserve and protect these same qualities as the city grows, reshapes and revitalizes itself through community redevelopment. The point is - all laws on the books in Cocoa Beach are there because the community as a whole wanted them. These local laws are the "rule book" used by city officials and city staff. The local laws apply to everyone equally and will be applied as such.

Land Development Code Municode Website 

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