Garage Sales

  • Apply Online Now - Please list the items you wish to sell at your sale,. apply for your  Permit at least 1 week prior to holding your sale.
  • Permits may also be obtained at the cashier window at City Hall - 2 South Orlando Avenue, Cocoa Beach.
  • Email - Send us an email if you have any questions or concerns.
Garage Sales Citizen Information
No more than 2 garage sales per any 12 month period per address. No signs may be placed on trees or utility poles. Garage sales shall not include articles of property purchased for the purpose of resale.

Household Sales Signs
Household Sale Signs: Temporary signs advertising a garage or household sale [Land Development Code Section: 6-17(h)]:
  • Just 1 on-premises household sale sign per street frontage shall be permitted.
  • Only 2 off-premises signs per household sale are permitted within a city or county road right-of-way at street intersections. 
  • Household sale signs shall be a maximum of 4 square feet in area and the top of such signs shall be a maximum of 3 feet in height. Signs must be at least 1 foot from the edge of street pavement and, if located on private property, 10 feet from adjacent side property lines.
  • Sign messages shall be limited to wording consistent with the intent of this sign type, such as but not limited to:
    • "Household Sale," "Garage Sale," "Yard Sale," "Estate Sale," "Open House," or similar phrase
    • The hours of the sale
    • The address of the sale
    • Directional arrows
  • Household sale signs shall be displayed only for the period of the temporary sale or event, and only during normal daylight hours (sunrise to sunset). 
  • Must be located or installed in such a manner that would not cause damage to any underground utility.
Removal of Signs
Any unauthorized sign on city property or right-of-way may be removed by the city without notice to the owner.  [Land Development Code Section: 6-26(b)]