Blood Pressure Screening
Blood Pressure screening is offered free of charge by department personnel. Please feel free to stop by either fire station to have you blood pressure checked. Department personnel will check you blood pressure and provide you with a blood pressure card for you to keep track of you blood pressure and/or share with your physician.

Citizen's Academy
The Fire Department contributes to and participates in the Cocoa Beach Citizen's Academy offering several modules in the program to enhance the community awareness of our activities and efforts.

Cocoa Beach C.E.R.T
The Cocoa Beach Community Emergency Response Team is coordinated through the Fire Chief’s office and offers Cocoa Beach residents an opportunity to serve their community in times of disaster and other times when extra help is need to adequately provide for a safe community. The C.E.R.T. program is a federally recognized component of the F.E.M.A. Fire Corps. Program. For more information, visit C.E.R.T. online.

Smoke Detector Program
When available, Fire Department Personnel will provide and install smoke detectors for City Residents. Supplies are limited and only 1 detector per household is provided. Please call Fire Administration to check availability and to schedule installation.

Cocoa Beach Cares

The City of Cocoa Beach desires to be a community in which every citizen and city employee has the knowledge, skills and ability to recognize and treat sudden cardiac arrest episodes (heart attacks). Hands Only CPR and AED training makes saving a life possible. For more information, visit the Cocoa Beach Cares page.