Records Request

The Custodian of Public Records for the City of Cocoa Beach is the City Clerk. The City Clerk processes public records requests by coordinating with the respective City Departments.

Public Records, other than Police Records requests can be made:

  • in person: City Clerk's Office, City Hall - 1600 Minutemen Causeway, Cocoa Beach
  • by phone 321-868-3286
  • Submit a public records request form
  • by Email
  • by Mail: P.O. Box 322430, Cocoa Beach, Fl.  32932-2430.

Police Records :

  • in person: 85 S. Orlando Avenue, Cocoa Beach
  • by phone 321-868-3291 
  • Submit Police Public Records Form
  • by Email
  • by Mail: P.O. Box 322430, Cocoa Beach, Fl.  32932-2430.

Fire Records :

  • in person: 50 S. Orlando Avenue, Cocoa Beach
  • by phone 321-868-3330 
  • Submit Fire Public Records Form, 
  • by Email
  • by Mail: P.O. Box 322430, Cocoa Beach, Fl.  32932-2430.

For Cocoa Beach Police & Fire Retirement Systems records, notices and requests under the Public Records Law Chapter 119, Florida  Statutes, are to be directed to the Custodian of Public Records, the City Clerk.

When making a public records request, there is no requirement to:

  • you give your name,
  • explain why you are making a request,
  • submit the request in writing.  

When not submitting contact information, the requestor is responsible to pick up the requested records, upon notice that the requested records are available.     

Privacy Policy: Under Florida Law, e-mail addresses, provided to the City, are public records. If you do not wish your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, please do not send electronic mail to the City. Instead, contact us by phone or in writing. 

To provide you with the best response to your request, please:

  • carefully consider the information that will be useful to you, and
  • condense your record request.

Broad public records requests do take longer to fulfill and may become costly for the requester.

If the processing of a public records request takes more than 15 free-of-charge minutes, the City charges to process the request. If charges are to be incurred, the requestor must approve charges, prior to the City processing the public records request. View the: CITY RECORDS POLICY- COST RECOVERY (PDF)