Green Space Parks

Astronaut Memorial Gardens

This small walk-through park was dedicated to 10 Astronauts who have lost their lives in space-related accidents. This is a green space park located on East Volusia Lane. For more information visit the Astronaut Memorial Gardens facilities page.

Cash Park

This park is at the west end of Banana River Blvd.  There is no parking or facilities.  It gives a great view of the northern islands off the blvd. For more information visit the Cash Park facilities page.

Triangle Park

A small park that welcomes area visitors to the downtown area. There are no parking or restrooms at this location. This park has the welcome to downtown fountain, as well as, the Kelly Slater sculpture. For more information visit the Triangle Park page.

Wall Park

This park is located east of Our Saviour Church.  There are no facilities or amenities at this park. For more information please view the Wall Park page.

For more information on these parks please call the Leisure Services Department at 321 868-3252