Development Services Department

2 South Orlando Avenue (City Hall - Second Floor)
P.O.Box 322430

Cocoa Beach, FL 32932-2430
Phone (321) 868-3217
Fax (321) 868-3378

NOTICE: You can now pay for your building permit online. Through this link you can also check the status of your permits, request inspections and you can submit various one page permits. For more information please contact the Development Services Department at 868-3217

The Development Services Department serves the City and its citizens by enforcing City codes and ordinances related to planning, zoning, building and construction, land use and development, signage and licenses/permits.

The purpose of this important function is to ensure that all development, whether land or structural, meets rigorous mechanical and construction standards, is compatible with infrastructure and environmental requirements and that such work is performed by qualified and reputable firms.

The Development Services Department is comprised of four units which provide customer services in the following areas:

In addition to the above, the Development Review Committee (DRC) is a team responsible for the review of site plans submitted by land and project developers. The DRC is made up of City Staff personnel from the following departments: Development Services, Planning & Zoning, Public Works and Utilities, Stormwater, Fire, Traffic Engineering and Survey.

Development Services Applications/Forms

Click "here" for all Development Services Applications and Forms (including Building, Planning, Zoning and Business Tax Receipt)
Click "here" for the City's Zoning Map
Click "here" for information on permits
Click "here" to evaluate the Development Services Service.  Please forward comments to the City Manager and/or Development Services Department or fax to (321) 868-3226. 
You can obtain more information in the City of Cocoa Beach Charter and Code of Ordinances or you can contact us by e-mail with a specific question.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Building Permit cost?
The cost of the permit depends on the type of work to be done and the cost of the project to be completed. All permit fees are regulated by and specified in the City Code of Ordinances. You can also call the Building department at 868-3217 or FAX to 868-3378.
Will my contractor obtain the permit?
The reputable contractors know the requirements and abide by them. Unfortunately, not all contractors comply with the City code. Remember, it is the property owner who is responsible for ensuring that all work on his/her property is preceded by acquisition of the appropriate permits.
How do I find out if my contractor is licensed?
State law requires that all construction work be done by a licensed contractor. Residents are discouraged from hiring unlicensed contractors. Both the unlicensed contractor and the owner who ordered the work may be subject to severe fines and penalties. Call the Building Department at 868-3217 to verify a contractor's status before you sign a contract for repairs or construction work.
What else should I ask a proposed contractor about?
To protect yourself from a lawsuit, verify that the contractor has adequate workers compensation and general liability insurance coverage. The City requires contractors to file proof of such insurance coverage before any work can begin.
Is the contractor required to get any other permits?
Contractors are required to pay a City business tax in order to solicit or perform any type of construction work in the City. The City will not issue the permit unless the contractor first provides proof of the appropriate insurance coverage.

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