Office of the City ClerkCity Clerk Seal
2 South Orlando Avenue (City Hall - First Floor)
P.O.Box 322430

Cocoa Beach, Fl. 32932-2430                                              
Phone (321) 868-3286
Fax (321) 783-5849
Loredana Kalaghchy, Master Municipal Clerk (MMC,) City Clerk

The City Clerk's office is "the information desk" of City government. The Clerk serves as the corporate secretary and is a constitutional officer by the City's Charter.  

The Clerk's role is to maintain the integrity of the legislative process, through the dissemination of information concerning legislative and policy decisions.  The main function of the City Clerk's office is to act as the official keeper of City records. Other City Clerk responsibilities include:

The Office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. The office has two full-time employees and enjoys the support of volunteers who assist in various administrative duties including scanning, typing and filing. The City Clerk and is a Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC), a designation awarded by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks in conjunction with the Florida Association of City Clerks.

For information on City laws, Click on "City of Cocoa Beach Charter and Code of Ordinances" or you can contact the Clerk by e-mail.

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Fees for Copies and Services Commonly provided by the City Clerk

Copies of Documents

Documents and papers, per page

One-sided copy (8 ½ X 11 or 8 ½ X 14)

$ 0.15

Two-sided copy (8 ½ X 11 or 8 ½ X 14)

$ 0.20

One-sided copy (11X 17)*

$ 0.25

Two-sided copy (11X 17)*

$ 0.45

Certification of documents, per page

$ 1.00

Charter and Code of Ordinances book


Code supplements, each

$ 25.00

Zoning Ordinance (Appendix A)

$ 16.00

Comprehensive Land Use Plan - Data and Analysis

$ 30.00

Comprehensive Land Use Plan - Goals, objectives and policies

$ 30.00

Land Development Regulations

$0.15 per page

Zoning maps

$ 5.00

Waterways charts

$ 15.00

City and local area maps

$ 2.00

Agendas -- Board meetings, per Board and per year

$ 20.00

Agendas - Commission meetings, per year

$ 20.00

Duplicate Meeting tapes

$ 3.50

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

$ 25.00


$ 25.00


Schedule of fees for services

Notary Services

Per Signature

$ 4.00

Per Signature for Records required by the City

No charge

Research Time

Research Service Charge, per hour


Research Service Charge related to Personnel Files, per hour


Research Service Charge - Calculated in 15 minutes increments; excluding the first fifteen minutes, for which there is no charge. If the research is extensive, the Service Provider may request a 50% deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can we get a marriage license?
Call the Clerk of Circuit Court at (321) 637-5413.

How do I get a Declaration of Domicile?
You may get a Declaration of Domicile by completing and filing a form supplied by the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Call the Clerk of the Circuit Court at (321) 637-5413.

How do I find out who owns a piece of property?
Call the Brevard County Tax Collector at (321) 264-6910. (

How do I get a fishing license?
Call Brevard County (321) 244-4410 or a local bait shop.

What electoral and judicial districts include Cocoa Beach?
Congressional District 15, House District 30 and 32, Senate District 26 Canaveral Port District 5, County Commission District 2, School Board District 2, Circuit Judge District 18, Judicial District (including Public Defender, State Attorney) 18.

Check out the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections Website for the Names of the Representatives (under the Election Pages Section.)

Where can I register to vote?
You may register to vote in the Supervisor of Elections Office at any of the noted Brevard Service Complexes:

  • 2725 Judge Jamieson Way, Melbourne, Fl. 32940 (321) 633-2124

  • 2575 N. Courtenay Pkwy., Merritt Island, Fl. 32953 (321) 455-1404

  • 400 South St., Titusville, 32780 (321) 264-6740

  • 1515 Sarno Road, Melbourne, Fl. 32935 (321) 255-4455

You may also register by mail. Voter registration Applications are available in the City Clerk’s Office or by mail at any of the Brevard Service Complexes (321) 633-2000.

Do Cocoa Beach City Commissioners run at large City wide or by district?
City Commissioners run at large for three (3) year terms and elections are held on the First Tuesday in November of each year.

How do I get an absentee ballot?
Absentee ballot requests may be made in person, by mail, or by phone to the Supervisor of Elections at any time during the one year preceding any election.

I recently moved, how do I change my voter registration card?
If your permanent address changed in any way, complete a Florida Voter Registration Application (found in the Clerk’s Office or any of the Supervisor of Election Offices), or fill in the back of your voter I.D. Card and return card to any of the Election offices.

I recently changed name, how can I change my voter registration card?
A name change may be made in person or in writing at any one of the Election Offices.


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