The Cocoa Beach Police Department

20 South Orlando Avenue
PO Box 322430
Cocoa Beach, FL 32932-2430
(321) 868-3251


Message From the Police Chief

On behalf of the fifty men and women who comprise the Cocoa Beach Police Department, I want to welcome you to this web page.

The Cocoa Beach Police Department serves approximately 12,800 citizens, as well as approximately 1.5 million visitors who visit our City annually, with a staff of 36 full-time sworn Police Officers. Using marked and unmarked patrol vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), bicycles and watercraft, our friendly, professional Officers maintain around-the-clock public safety. Our commitment to you is to provide courteous, respectful and responsive police services.

Our Police Officers are an integral part of our community and their presence, whether on patrol or in specialized assignments such as our school resource officer program, is aimed at maintaining high visibility and accessibility. So when you see our Officers out and about in the community, remember that they are there for you - enforcing the laws, ensuring public safety and responding to people in need.

Arthur "Bud" Ayres,  
Chief of Police

Department Programs & Activities

Prohibition of Biased Based Profiling

The Cocoa Beach Police Department is committed to serving the public and enforcing laws in a fair and equitable manner without bias on the basis of their race, color, age, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, physical handicap, religion socioeconomic status or other belief system.  In addition to periodic in-service training on preventing biased-based profiling and annual reporting, officers are required to successfully complete additional training on discriminatory profiling through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on a scheduled basis to maintain their law enforcement certification.  Officers are further provided with guidance through policy on preventing misconceptions of biased based profiling in their daily duties.   For more information on this, contact Major Jay Harmon

Citizen's Academy

2014 Citizens Academy Applications now being accepted in Police Records, 2nd Floor, City Hall.

As part of the thirteen week overview of City operations, the program includes four weeks of hands-on training with the Cocoa Beach Police Department. Topics covered in the police portion include officers' safety, evidence and fingerprinting procedures, an overview of police equipment and its use and DUI detection and testing procedures. For more information on this program contact Sergeant Rebecca Ireland .

School Resource Officer

This program puts a police officers in the junior/senior high school. While in the schools, the School Resource Officer (SRO) assists the school staff in maintaining a safe, structured learning environment. The School Resource Officers are available for counseling with school staff, parents and students. The SROs also visit classrooms and teach students about law enforcement and community responsibilities. For more information on this program contact Officer Manny Hernandez.

D.A.R.E. Program

Sponsored by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education and is a program designed to provide students at the exit level of elementary education with the necessary skills to resist the peer pressure to experiment with alcohol or drugs. For more information on this program contact Officer Kathy Stiles.

Safety Presentations

Crime prevention officers can provide your group or organization with information on topics such as personal safety, home security and traffic safety. For more information on this program contact Major Scott Rosenfeld .

Intersection Safety - Photo Enforcement Program

This program authorizes the use of an unmanned camera/monitoring system to promote compliance with red light signal directived and adopts a civil enforcement system for red light signal violations. This program does not prohibit law enforcement officers from issuing a citation for a red light signal violation in accordance with other routine statutory traffic enforcement techniques. More information on this program.

Bank Robbery Training:

Provided for local banks and financial institutions, this program focuses on protection of bank occupants, identification of suspects, protecting evidence and providing police with investigative information. For more information on this program contact Major Scott Rosenfeld.

Security Surveys

You can protect your residence or business by scheduling a security survey. These security audits will identify weak areas that could serve as targets for criminals and will include suggestions on addressing security deficiencies. For more information on this program contact Major Scott Rosenfeld.

Electronic Neighborhood Watch

Like the traditional Neighborhood Watch Program, the Electronic Neighborhood Watch Program is an innovative supplement aimed at reducing crime in the community. Crime alert messages will be sent to participating e-mail recipients. Citizens can be alerted to criminal activity in their neighborhoods. Businesses can be notified of scam artists, thieves, and other criminal activity in the area via e-mail. By being aware of potential crimes and being willing to lookout for another's interests, the police and citizens can collectively combat crime in our community. Participation simply requires you to forward your e-mail address to Karen Brasher.

Crime Alert Sign Program

is designed to work in conjunction with the Electronic Neighborhood Watch Program and the Crime Prevention Tip Sheets Program. Signs will be placed in parks, beach end streets, participating residential neighborhoods and in participating business parking lots.

Participation simply requires at least 50% of the households or businesses expressing an interest in obtaining the Crime Alert Signs and agreement to actively participate in the Electronic Neighborhood Watch Program. Cocoa Beach Police Department personnel designed the Crime Alert signs. WayFast Signs and Banners of Cocoa Beach manufactured the signs and have agreed to produce the signs at a discounted price to participating residential neighborhoods and businesses within the City of Cocoa Beach. For more information on this program contact Major Scott Rosenfeld.

Crime Prevention Tips Sheets Program

This program is designed to make community members and visitors security conscientious in an attempt to halt crime in Cocoa Beach. This technique is known as target hardening. Crime Prevention Tip Sheets will be placed in motels, hotels, and other businesses throughout the Cocoa Beach area. Additionally, the program involves presentations by Cocoa Beach Police personnel regarding various crime prevention topics.

Any neighborhood watch group, civic group, business, or organization can actively participate in the program. Cocoa Beach Police Department personnel designed the tip sheets. Other brochures, pamphlets, and handouts on safety issues are available as well. To get involved with this program contact Major Scott Rosenfeld .

Kids Fingerprinting

Cocoa Beach Police are available to come to meetings or public events to print children. We have all the materials, just give us a call. There is no cost for this service. For more information on this program contact Officer Kathy Stiles.

Cocoa Beach Crime Line

This line is available 24 hours a day. The line is recorded and you can leave messages concerning any criminal or suspicious activity in your neighborhood. You do not need to leave your name. If you want a call back please leave a name and number. Remember this line is recorded if you need immediate police response call (321) 868-3251 or 911. To reach the Florida crime line call 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).

Public Information Officer:

Provides press releases as needed to local media regarding law enforcement issues that concern community safety or are of public interest. For more information on this program contact Major Jay Harmon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Police reports can be obtained from the Police Records Department Monday through Friday from 9 AM to Noon and from 1 PM to 4 PM. There is a fee of $.15 for a single side copy and $.20 for a double sided copy. When requesting reports by mail, please send a check for the required amount along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Fingerprinting services are available in the Police Records Department on the second floor of City Hall. Services are available Tuesday through Friday from 9 AM to 12 PM and from 1 PM to 4 PM.

Fingerprinting Fees


No Charge




$ 6.00/card

City Employment

No Charge

Specialized Fingerprinting Resident

$10.50 per card

Specialized Fingerprinting Non-Resident

$10.50 per card

Written Records Check

$5.00 per person


No. Fingerprint cards are supplied by the agency making the request for fingerprints. We do have fingerprint cards available for children.

To be considered for employment by this Department, you must first complete the processing conducted by the Brevard Community College (BCC) Police Testing and Certification program. Once a candidate has met all requirements, they may be considered for employment when a position becomes available. Below is the information for contacting BCC Police Testing:

Brevard Community College
Brevard Police Testing and Certification Program
3865 North Wickham Road
Melbourne, Florida 32935
(321) 632-1111, ext. 33531

Our Police officers do not solicit money over the phone or otherwise. Further, the Cocoa Beach Police Department is not a recipient of any such fund-raising. Any such callers are professional phone solicitors not connected in any way to our Department.

The County Sheriff's Office Tower that is closest to your location. Always be sure to give your location when calling from your car.

All requests for police services are prioritized based on the seriousness of the incident and the potential for injury or damage to property. Occasionally, less serious calls must be delayed so that we can respond immediately to emergencies.

Dispatchers are trained to gather as much information as possible in order to determine the nature and seriousness of the problem. On emergency calls, the dispatcher will relay information to the officer while asking you additional questions.

Absolutely not. Florida regulations prohibit the Police Department from sharing information from the statewide FCIC/NCIC computer system with non law enforcement personnel. The Police Department can be fined and/or lose its terminal for violating these regulations. The Brevard County Tag Agency can run a tag for you and the Florida Driver's License office can run a driver's license check.

Unfortunately, because of the potential for damage to vehicles, the Police Department does not open locked vehicles. We will assist you by contacting a locksmith for you if you wish. If a child is locked inside the vehicle, the Fire Department will respond to remove the child from the vehicle. This may require the breaking of a window.

Call a wrecker service in your area and the vehicle will be towed away at no cost to you. The wrecker service will notify the owners once they have determined ownership. The Police Department can only have vehicles towed that are on public property unless they are stolen or evidence in a crime.

Contact the Brevard County jail directory at (321) 690-1500.

Cases involving criminal acts which appear to have some basis of solvability are referred to a Detective for further investigation. To inquire about your case, call the Police Department at (321) 868-3262 between the hours of 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. and ask to speak to a Deputy Police Chief Steve Patterson or Karen Brasher.
Where do I go to pay my traffic citation?

Traffic Citations are processed through the Traffic Division of the Brevard County Clerk of Court's Office. If you have any questions about paying for a traffic citation or you would like to set a hearing date, please contact the Clerk's Office directly at (321) 637-5413.

The Police Department will respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week to requests for police assistance. The phone number for non-emergency assistance is (321) 868-3251 or (321) 868-3260.

Some reports can be taken over the telephone, however, most will require an officer to respond.

Call the Police Department, ask to speak to a Shift Supervisor and request that this area be placed on selective enforcement.

Absolutely! The Police Department depends on citizens calling to report crimes or suspicious activity. You will be asked questions about the activity to determine its nature for descriptions of the people involved. You may be asked if you would like an officer to contact you, however, you may remain anonymous if you wish.

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