Elected Officials

The City of Cocoa Beach has a City Commission - City Manager form of government.  This form of government was agreed on by citizens on June 19, 1958.  The City Commission is the legislative branch of City Government and operates in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of the City of Cocoa Beach.  The City Commission is responsible for enacting ordinances and resolutions that the City Manager of Cocoa Beach administers as the executive officer of city government.

City Commission 2014

Left to Right: Commissioner Skip Williams, Mayor Dave Netterstrom, Commissioner Adrianne Dillon, Commissioner Tim Tumulty, Vice-Mayor Ben Malik

Five Commission members, one of which is the Mayor, are elected by the voters of Cocoa Beach to serve for a four-year term.  Commission members are elected at-large. The Mayor presides at all meetings and performs duties delegated to the Mayor by the City Commission.  The Vice-Mayor is elected by the City Commission from its own members at the annual organizational meeting held after an election.

City Commission meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of each month, at 7:00 p.m. in Commission Room (located on the first floor of City Hall- 2 South Orlando Avenue.)  Meetings are open to the public. To place an item on a Commission Agenda, submit this form to the City Manager's office by 2:00 pm, Tuesday the week prior to the Meeting, or complete a speaker card to address the Commission on an Agenda item. (See below for PDF or Word versions of the forms.) NEW: Make a request to speak prior to the meeting, or by request using a mobile smart phone.

2014 City Commission

Commissioner Dave Netterstrom

Seat # 1

Dave Netterstrom


Term expires 2016



Elected as Commissioner in 2010, and as Mayor in 2012, Commissioner Netterstrom is originally from Washington, D.C.,grew up in Cocoa Beach and is a graduate of Cocoa Beach High School. He attended Purdue University and has an Electrical Engineer Degree, and Florida Atlantic University and has a Master In Business Administration. Since last serving as the Director of Operations at Sony Ericsson, he now focuses on investments and real estate. He is an active realtor, and certified supply chain professional. He graduated from the Cocoa Beach Citizen's Academy in 2009. He is an sportsman and enjoys spending time with his family.

Commissioner Tim Tumulty

Seat # 2

Tim Tumulty

Term expires 2016

Elected in 2012, Commissioner Tumulty, is originally from Springfield, Illinois, and moved to Florida in 2002. His work background consists of restaurant management, mortgage broker, and currently is an electrical engineer for a small company at Kennedy Space Center. He has an AA from Brevard Community College, a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from UCF, and a Masters in Space Systems from FIT. He is married and has a son.
Commissioner Ben Malik Seat # 3

Ben Malik

Term expires 2016

Elected as Commissioner in 2012, Commissioner Ben Malik is originally from Boca Raton, Florida. He was elected by the Commission on November 2012 to serve for a year as Vice-Mayor. He has resided in Cocoa Beach since 2007. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and had a Bachelor in Business Administration. He works for a community bank as VP/Area Relationship Manager. He is married and has two children.
Commissioner Skip Williams Seat # 4

Skip Williams

(Serving as

Term expires 2014

Elected as Commissioner in 2007, Commissioner Williams, who is originally from Indian River County, has resided in the City since 1986. He is a graduate of Florida Institute of Technology and holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree, also a Master's Degree in Engineering Management from University of Central Florida. He works for NASA in the Ground Systems Development and Operations Program. Prior to becoming Commissioner, he was the Chairperson of the Cocoa Beach Waterways and Wildlife Board and served on that Board for fifteen years. Skip is a graduate of the Cocoa Beach Citizen's Academy and a member of the Fire Dept’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). His affiliations include being a volunteer for Keep Brevard Beautiful, a member of Christian Surfers Cocoa Beach and attending Calvary Chapel Surfside.

Commissioner Adrianne Dillon

Seat # 5

Adrianne Dillon

Term expires 2014

Elected in November 2012, Commissioner Dillon has the advantage of having lived here in Cocoa Beach since she was age six months. She has 25 years of experience as president of her family’s business in Cocoa Beach. She has a Business Administration Degree from USF, and took courses in accounting, economics, and taxes.


Contacting our Commission

City of Cocoa Beach
    P.O. Box 322430
    Cocoa Beach, Florida 32932-2430
Phone: (321) 868-3206
Fax: (321) 868-3226
Send an email to all Commission Members

Commissioners may also be contacted through the Office of the City Manager

Phone: (321) 868-3201



Agenda Item Request Form (PDF)  (Word) A resident may request that an item be placed on a Commission Agenda by completing this form.  The deadline to place an item on the Agenda is 2:00 P.M. Tuesday the week prior to the Meeting.  The Commission holds regular meetings at 7pm, on the first and third Thursdays of the month.  Please submit the completed form to the City Manager's office (Fax: 321 868-3226.)  The City reserves the right not to place an item on an Agenda
Speaker Card (PDf) (Word) You wish to address the Commission on an Agenda item? A Speaker Card is to be completed for each item you wish to speak on.  Please submit completed form to the City Clerk prior to the introduction of the item at the meeting


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