Who do I call for utility line locations?

In order to make sure that a site is safe for digging you can enter a ticket at Sunshine811 or call them at 800-432-4770.

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1. Who do I contact to fix the traffic sign on my street?
2. The streetlights are out on my street - who should I contact?
3. Who do I call for utility line locations?
4. The flag at one of the public properties has been torn by the wind - who should I notify?
5. The sanitation truck did not pick-up my trash - what should I do?
6. Who do I contact regarding an unattended dog roaming around my neighborhood?
7. While walking on the beach I noticed some turtle nests that may be in danger. Who should I notify?
8. Who do I contact if there are dead marine mammals on the beach?
9. The recent rain flooded my street, I think the storm drain is blocked. Who should I contact?
10. The dune crossover was damaged by heavy surf. Who needs to be notified to get repairs going?
11. Who do I call regarding the trimming of vegetation along the beach/dune?
12. Heavy rain brought floating debris to the canal behind my home. Is there a department in the city that handles these situations?
13. Does the city have maps of the city waterways?
14. What are the hours of operation of the Brevard County Landfill (dump)?