What are the hook-up device specifications?

Cross-connection of the Reclaimed Reuse Water with other sources of water or use for potable purposes is prohibited. Reuse water cannot enter a residence or building. Devices or systems which are connected to or which controls a device or system connected to the city's reclaimed water system must be in compliance with the latest editions of the city code and the United States Environmental Protection Agency manual:

  • Guidelines for Water Reuse and the Water Supply Division
  • Cross-Connection Control Manual
  • American Water Works Association M-14 Manual

Device(s) and Installation

The minimum required type of device for backflow installation upon the residential premises to protect the potable water supply where reclaimed water is to be used, shall not be less than a dual check valve installed by City of Cocoa Utilities. Installation shall require testing of the device at time of installation by a certified/licensed tester and shall be tested annually. Vacuum breakers shall be installed on all outside potable water faucets to prevent back siphonage. All installations shall comply with requirements set by the City Code.

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3. What are the hook-up device specifications?
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