Can I appeal my Citation?

Our system is not perfect.  

However, there are only a limited number of reasons a citation can be dismissed by an appeal: clerical errors, payment issues, or medical emergency

What are examples of clerical errors? 

  • The vehicle make is incorrect 
  • The license plate number is incorrect 
  • Errors made by citizens/visitors while paying for a parking session. 

What’s not considered a clerical error? 

  • If you did not see a sign or misunderstood the parking signs. 
  • If you did not properly display the correct decal, permit or receipt. 

If your citation contains a clerical error please file for an appeal within 10 days of the citation issue date. To file an appeal please go to Cocoa Beach RMCPay, please provide as much detail as possible, especially your method of payment - coins, credit card, or mobile app. 

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