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Beach Wedding Ceremony Permit

  1. Beach Wedding Ceremony Permit

    The City of Cocoa Beach is honored to be the venue of your wedding ceremony. 

    A small beach ceremony is considered a celebration of 50 people or less. If you are going to have a larger event please fill out the Special Events Form

  2. Permit Fee

    The Beach Wedding Ceremony Permit fee is $50. 

    Remittance Address:

    City of Cocoa Beach
    321 Ramp Road
    Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

  3. Event Information
  4. Will this person be available the day of the event?*
  5. Will there be Temporary Structures?*
  6. Temporary Structures to be used

    Choose all that apply

  7. Will there be Special Effects?
  8. Will there be alcohol?
  9. Will there be Music?
  10. Will there be Food Trucks?
  11. No Single-Use Plastic or Polystyrene Products*

    The applicant and event holder agrees that the event will not utilize any single-use plastic or polystyrene products at the event and understand that it is the responsibility of the event applicant or event holder to ensure no single-use plastic or polystyrene products are used. 

    Failure to comply may result in immediate cancellation of the special event permit by the Leisure Board Committee or City Manager

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