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Fishing Clinic Registration

  1. Disclaimer

    By submitting this registration and participating in this program, you are expressly assuming risk and legal liability for you and your child, and waiving and releasing claims for injuries. 

    I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks of physical injury and death by participating in this program. I understand that participation in this program is completely voluntary and I agree to assume the full risk of any injuries, including death, personal injuries, damages, and expenses, which I may sustain as a result of the inherent risks of participating in some or all activities connected with or associated with this program. I understand that I can freely cease my participation, and agree to assume all risks associated with participation in this program. 

    I hereby waive, release, indemnify, hold harmless, defend, covenant not to sue, acquit, and forever discharge, the City of Cocoa Beach and all officers, employees, and agents of the City of Cocoa Beach, from and against any and all rights of action, claims, demands, liabilities, injury, losses, or damages of any kind, arising in whole or in part out of my participation in this program. This includes, without limitation, claims based upon loss of life, personal injuries, or property damages, sustained by me or caused by me.

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