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NAME: A J White   CITY: Cocoa Beach   STATE: Florida

COMMENTS: (06/08/2004) Is it true that the city of Cocoa Beach joined with the other cities of Brevard County, as well as NASA and the USAF in signing a "Mutual Aid" agreement?

This agreement makes provisions for, whomever is closest to send emergency services to; fires, floods, plane crashes, building collapses, etc.


EDITOR RESPONSE: All governmental entities have mutual aid agreements to assist one another in the event of a catastrophe or major fire or accident. The mutual aid agreements provide back-up (e.g. additional units to assist the primary agency) and, on occasion, substitute response if the primary agency is tied up with other calls. The mutual aid agreements, however, do not provide that the closest agency be the responding agency. In nearby areas outside the City limits, even though the CBPD or CBFD may be closer than the primary agency (Brevard County), the primary agency is responsible for responding to fires, medical emergencies or calls for police assistance. The reason for this is that Cocoa Beach taxpayers pay for the services of the CBFD and CBPD and taxpayers expect the City to be ready to respond to their emergencies rather than be out of the Cocoa Beach City limits. The exception, as noted above, is a major event requiring help of nearby agencies.

A.J. Hutson
Assistant City Manager

NAME: Adrienne   CITY: Middletown   STATE: Ohio

COMMENTS: (8/9/2007) We were at Cocoa Beach for 3 days (7/30 thru 8/1)We saw a dolphin close enough to get a picture at and now it is our favorite place to be, can't wait to return! Also, the sting rays were pretty scarce by the time we got there however, we headed to panama city beach from there and the rays were everywhere! At first they freaked me out a little but I got over it pretty quick. Besides for my two girls (10 and 11) this was their first trip to the ocean and they didn't even blink at the rays! They told me "if we leave them alone, they'll leave us alone" they were right.

NAME: Al   CITY: Morr   STATE: Illinois


My wife Jen and I along with our 5 children have been visiting your wonderful city and beach since February 2001. Unfortunately in 2003 and 2004 we could not make it, however, we spent 8 excellent days there this year during spring break time. To our suprise, it was still nice and quiet and extremely family oriented at spring break. We love it so much! Every year that we have gone, we stayed at the South Beach Inn. We must say it is like home away from home. My wife and I told the kids we are going back in June 2006 and they again want to stay there. I know it is like home for the kids because they have a nice picnic area (kid's get to run around), and the beach is right there. Since all rooms have a kitchen area we don't have to worry about extra expense on food, another great assistance to a large family. We are all excited about coming back again.
Thank you Cocoa Beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NAME: Al and Jen   CITY: Morris   STATE: IL

COMMENTS: (2/11/2006) We are coming back in June. Can you tell of any activities going on in Cocoa Beach at this time for kids ages 3, 5, 11, and 16? June 19, 20, 21, and 22. The anticipation of getting there is outrageous. We love ya Cocoa Beach.....

NAME: Al and Jen   CITY: Morris   STATE: Illinois

COMMENTS: (5/23/2005) My wife and I have been to your wonderful city for 3 vacations now (with our 5 children). We were just there for 8 days in March and April 2005. We love your city and beaches and the people are always nice and friendly. We just hope you stay that way. Thank You.

NAME: Al and Jen   CITY: Morris   STATE: Illinois

COMMENTS: (2/2/05) My wife and I have brought our family to your wonderful city twice. We our planning our third vacation there from March 26 thru April 4, 2005. Our children's ages range from 2 to 19 years old and my wife's parents who are in their 70's are joining us as well. We would like to know of any festivities that are going on in between this time frame. Can you please respond. This about the third time we have requested information like this and have not heard anything yet.
Thank you,

Al & Jen

EDITOR'S RESPONSE: The Easter Surfing Festival will be held during that time:

NAME: Al and Jen   CITY: Morris   STATE: IL

COMMENTS: (10/4/2008) It has been so long since we visited last. We are hoping to visit Beautiful Cocoa Beach again in either December, March, or between June and August. We look forward to our visit. We love ya Cocoa Beach.....

NAME: Al and Jen   CITY: Morris   STATE: IL


There are no restrictions regarding use of metal detectors in Cocoa Beach. Good luck!

Helloooo Cocoa Beach,

(9/28/2009) We are going to be there in Dec. Our son likes to use his metal detector to find treasures. Would it be all right for him to treasure hunt the beach? Just checking ahead of time, he purchased a new one just for Cocoa Beach.

Thank you,

NAME: Al Lewis   CITY: Greenup   STATE: Kentucky

COMMENTS: This is the place I plan to retire to in the next couple of years if the Lord is willing. I have traveled Florida quite often, since my father retired to Ocala in the early eighties and stayed there till he passed away. This is the place for me and my wife. See you in Jan..

A hillbilly converted

NAME: Alan Cato   CITY: Langley   STATE: South Carolina

COMMENTS: (7/5/2011) My family and I just love Cocoa Beach!

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