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Large Turtle

Dead Turtle Found on Beach - June 1910, Oceanus Beach

Early House

6/4/1917 - Oceanus, Early house erected on the bluff area of the beach

Cocoa Beach Casino

1920 - Cocoa Beach Bath House Casino - site of first Commission Meeting

In 1922, a casino and four bungalows already existed at the east end of Minutemen Causeway (where Coconuts Restaurant currently exists)

In 1924 Gus Edwards bought the already existing casino, remodeled it into a 12-room hotel and added 250 feet of boardwalk. 

The City of Cocoa Beach incorporated in 1925 with three commissioners elected - promoter Gus Edwards, hotel manager R.E. Grabel and postmaster James A. Haisten,  Sr.

1926 - Cocoa Beach Casino - Photo Labeled- Papa (James A. Haisten (right)) and Mr. R.E. Grabel at the Cocoa Beach Casino Boardwalk.  The Boardwalk was 300 ft. long - and was destroyed in the 1926 Hurricane.

Casino 1920s - Posing in front of the Cocoa Beach Casino.  Note: Cars of the beach...if you could afford one

1927 - Cocoa Beach Community Church Built by Gus Edwards. It was located on 3rd Street until the 50s, and later moved to its present location at 350 S. Orlando Avenue.  The church, at different times was the "starter" building for several congregations which have continued in larger quarters.  It has been the home to Presbyterians, Methodists, and numerous Baptist congregations

1930s - 36 Hours to Cocoa Beach

1930s - Another view of the boardwalk in front of the Cocoa Beach Casino - the place to see and be seen

1930s - Cocoa-By-the-Sea - The Friendly Land that loves a Playmate

1939 - Cocoa Beach Merchants picnic on the beach

1940 - Census

1941 - Mayor Frank Pulsipher

1st Fire Station housed this U.S. Army surplus 1942 Chevy fire truck

1940s - Picnic Area on the Ocean of Cocoa Beach, Florida

1943- British Ship Torpedoed - 3 miles off Cocoa Beach shore

Late 1950s - Old Downtown - South Atlantic Avenue was shady, pine trees lined street housing a filling station and the Surf's Lounge and Restaurant

1950s - Downtown Cocoa Beach along S.R. A1A

1950s - First City Hall - at the corner of South Orlando and Cocoa Avenues, torn down in 1961

1950s - Cocoa Beach Police Car (When Wayne Headley served as town marshal in Cocoa Beach, he provided his own car for use in police business) (Follow-up 08-2004, Town Marshall Headley's grandson informed the City that the little girl on the car was Town Marshall Headley's daughter.  Marshall Headley had painted his own car.  He served as the First Town Marshall and was also part of the First Cocoa Beach Volunteer Fire Department.  The now VFW building used to be Marshall Headley's home and was used to conduct City business.) 

1950 -1st Post Office - Oliver Haisten was the First Postmaster

1950s - Cars on the beach

1950's - In front of the "Supermarket" Rudland's

1950s - Homes at Loveridge Subdivision

May 20, 1951 - A beach landing

1950s - May 17 - Beach Beauties awaiting fliers.  All incoming pilots to the May 20 breakfast flight being staged by the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce can expect to be met at the airplane parking area by one of the chauffeurs pictured.  Left to right are Marlene Minella, Evangelina Hare, Helen Lane and Anne Bahner

1957 - Church bell housed at the Cocoa Beach Community Church.  The bell was cast in Holland and dedicated to Mr. Gus Edward's Mother in 1955; the inscription is noteworthy

1950s - Hotel sign located east of S.R. 520

1955 - A day at the beach in Cocoa Beach

April 18, 1956, City Aerial

1956 - Starlite Motel, the first major Motel constructed in Cocoa Beach, 100 rooms, and home for engineers who relocated with the space program

1956 - Another view of the Starlite Motel, located where Ocean Landing Resort is currently located

1957 - First Bank - Cocoa Beach State Bank

1950s - The Sea Missile Motel, located at the South corner of S.R. 520 and S.R. A1A - current location of CVS Drug Store

1950s - The Surf ~ The postcard says "delicious seafood dinners from our fishing fleet to you"

Date Unknown - Ed Fischer at old Canaveral Pier

1958 - Space Age Boom Town

1950s - The AstroCraft Motel - an indication of the impact of the Space industry on Cocoa Beach

1950s - Posted in the AstroCraft Motel.

Memo:  All advanced bird watchers, astronauts, ground support elements and those who watch and wait...

Subject: Progress Report and scheduled operations

Paragraph I: As of 30 Nov 1959 the following 13 satellites are in orbit in Space

Earth Satellites Country Launching Date Payload Weight
Vanguard I US 17 March 1958 3.2 lbs
Vanguard II US    
Vanguard III US    
Explorer I US    
Explorer IV US    
Explorer VI US    
Explorer VII US    
Discover VII US    
Discover VIII US    
SputniK III SOV    


Sun Satellites Country Launching Date Payload Weight
Pioneer IV US    
Lunik I SOV    

1960 - Ramon's Restaurant off S.R. 520, Cocoa Beach - a popular hangout.  The Restaurant was demolished in the late 1980s to make way for retail stores.

1960 - S.R. A1A and S.R. 520 intersection looking North, Bishop's Gulf Station. signal lights

1960s -  South East Corner of S.R. A1A and S.R. 520 intersection

1960s -  South East Corner of S.R. A1A and S.R. 520 behind the strip of shops noted in the prior photo.  Motel owned in the past by Brodsky, off S.R. 520 - now known as Faulty Tower

1960s - Postcard of Cocoa Beach Pier

1960s - Cocoa Beach Library off Orlando Avenue, South of City Hall; Demolished on April 2004

1962 - New City Hall built.  Since then, City Hall has had renovations. In 1984, the Fire Department moved to a new building.  The large windows in the middle of the front of the building were replaced with wall, and the police building next door, was joined to the City Hall building.

1962 - Astronaut Parade on SRA1A (Atlantic Avenue)

1960s - No Homes Off Minutemen Causeway

1960s - The area of the 1,000 Islands was considered for development more than 2,600 homes could be built.  Public opposition ended the plans for development.  Notice the non-existence of the City's Golf Course, Schools and Country Club area that are now located in the City.  The area was not dredged and filled until 1962.  Cocoa Beach Junior Senior High School was constructed in 1963 and the City's Golf Course opened in 1968.

1960s - Glass Bank - a Cocoa Beach landmark

1960s - Dr. Von Thron models golf attire

1966 - March Election Sample Ballot for Mayor-Commissioner
Instructions: 1st turn switch right to close curtains; 2nd Mark your ballot and leave marks showing X next to switch; 3rd turn switch left.  On the ballot - Mary H. Degive, Robert P. Murkshe, Walter P. Norwich.

1966 - Cocoa Beach Pool Opening.  Mayor Murkshe presents plaque to Swimming Champion and Actor Buster Crabbe.  Mr. Crabbe entertained the crowds by signing autographs, offering swimming lessons and  performing a spectacular dive and swim. Some of the photos for the event, showed him smoking a cigarette.  Part of the celebration also included a bathing suit show by the local teenage ladies.  

1966 - Joseph R. Morgan, Past President of Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.  Photo appeared in National Enquirer for story on the Official Welcome Station UFOs, Cocoa Beach FLA

1960s - Launch as seen from the Cape Royal building

1960s- Lifeguards on the beach

1962 - Installation of Sewer Lines along S.R. A1A between First Street North and South.  Contractor Houdaille-Duvall  bid this project for $140,767.95.  No shirt required to work as a construction worker.

1966 - The photo shows Al Olson, age 33, on Cocoa Beach, in front of the Diplomat Apartments (now Diplomat Condominium), holding his 10-foot O'Hare Surfboard. At that time, Al was employed by Chrysler Corporation at Kennedy Space Center working on the Saturn Apollo 1B Program as Supervisor, Quality Systems Engineering Unit. Al has many fond memories of Cocoa Beach during the time of his employment with Chrysler at the Cape, from 1965 until 1975. Al returned to Cocoa Beach in 1990 and worked for United Space Alliance on the Shuttle program until his retirement in 1998.

1960s - The Vanguard Motel - Many new Cocoa Beach motels adopted names of missiles launched from Cape Canaveral (later named Kennedy Space Center)

1960s - Cocoa Beach postcard

1960s - Bernard Surf's Staff ~ A Landmark Cocoa Beach Restaurant where many business meetings were held and were you could rub elbows with the astronauts

1960 - Cocoa Beach Welcome Sign

1969 - Cars no longer allowed on the beach

1969 - Cars no longer allowed on the beach

1970 - Orlando Avenue

Early 1970s - Surf Craze at the Cocoa Beach Pier, a place that remains popular with surfers

1970s - Ron Jon Surf Shop

1971 In front of the Cocoa Beach Bowling Alley off S.R. 520

1973 - Shepard Park

Fig 3

1980s - Aerial View of the City

1982 - Crossway Inn - 3901 North Atlantic Avenue - building located behind half circle building. A letter by David Spain, Vice President, General Manager (shown in photo), to the City states that the 3.75 acre property, based on the tax rolls, is worth $326,400. 

1985 - City Golf Course Aerial, background - the 1,000 Islands

1985 - Minutemen Causeway from the ocean to the Golf Course, City Hall is located south of Minutemen Cswy. on the block prior to the first canal

Late 1980s - Cocoa Beach View of S.R. 520 North...........

Remember the Sea Missile Motel and Smyth Lumber

1990s Herbie K Diner at the Howard Johnson's off S.R. A1A, a popular hangout - where rollerblades and ice-cream sodas were in; now demolished

Photo taken early 1990s  - Oldest existing house in Cocoa Beach located on Nassau Road

1990s Cocoa Beach sign - solar powered - Cocoa Beach, Welcome! "World Famous," located at the City's north and south entrance on highway A1A

December 11, 1998 Payload Specialist John H. Glenn Jr. waves to spectators from the back of a silver 1999 Corvette convertible during a parade in Cocoa Beach.

1990s - the evolution of Ron Jon Surf Shop - open 24 hours a day

2000 - A view of the beach

2000 - Our beautiful municipal golf course

September 5 , 2004 - Hurricane Frances touched the Cocoa Beach Baptist Church, off Atlantic Avenue, stabbing it by steeple

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