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The first real settlement in Cocoa Beach was started by a family of newly  freed slaves following the Civil War.   A hurricane in 1885 discouraged settlement.  In 1888, a group of Cocoa men bought the entire tract of land.  The land remained untouched until an attorney named Gus Edwards arrived. He bought Cocoa Beach and began to develop it. The City of Cocoa Beach was established on June 5, 1925.  It was incorporated as a City on June 29, 1957.  There was a 1,000 percent population increase in the decade between 1950 and 1960. 

History Trivia

Garbage Collection – April 11, 1942 – Discussion was held as to the feasibility of procuring a truck for hauling garbage or the purchase of or leasing of a mule and wagon for collection of garbage.

Telecommunication – December 1939 – A letter was received by Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co. contemplating extending their lines through Cocoa Beach.  First phone in Town Hall – January 1951.

Water Supply – November 29, 1955 – The City of Cocoa wants a 30-year franchise with Cocoa Beach with which they will purchase outright the complete water department of Cocoa Beach and furnish residents water service. 1957 – the Bill of Sale was executed.

Infrastructure – January 1926 – “White Way “ (street lights) plans and specs were drawn. May 1948 – first sketch of a plan for Town Hall.  May 1959 – Satellite Beach requests four-laning of S.R. A1A; Cocoa Beach makes the request to the State.

Name of Town – March 1960 – Straw Vote on Name Change – Canaveral Beach – 217 votes, Cape Canaveral Beach – 96, Cocoa Beach – 711 votes.

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1919 – Beach Combers searching for shells

1919 – Gus Edwards – First Mayor and City Founder...Since establishing residence in Florida in 1915, Gus C. Edwards along or with other developers has developed four subdivisions in Cocoa, four in Rockledge, three on Merritt Island and seven in Cocoa Beach.  Click "Here" to read about Mayor Edward's biography

1930s  – Boardwalk area vicinity of Cocoa Beach Casino at Minutemen Cswy.

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