Starting a Business in Cocoa Beach

Incorporation Plan to do business as a corporation? Secretary of State,
Corporate Information Department
Business Name If your business does not operate as a corporation, you plan to run your business under a name other than your own full name, register the business with a "fictitious" name. Secretary of the State

City License If your business is in Cocoa Beach, you'll need to obtain a Business Tax Receipt (aka Occupational License) from the City and Brevard County. City Hall
Development Services 
Occupational Licenses

Brevard County Tax
Collector's Office


County License If your business is outside the city, but inside Brevard County, you will need a Business Tax Certificate from the county (occupational license.)

Brevard County Tax Collector's Office

State License The State of Florida requires businesses in more than 50 regulated professions, from pharmacists to barbers, to obtain special licenses or certificates. State Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Sales Tax Certificates The State Florida requires retail stores and other businesses to collect sales tax. Businesses must apply for a sales tax certificate. State Department of Revenue
Corporate Income Tax Corporations in Florida must pay state corporate income tax. State Department of Revenue
Personal Property Tax Brevard County taxes the personal property of businesses (for items such as business equipment.) Brevard County Property Appraiser
Employee Tax Information If you hire employees, payroll tax must be withheld. Internal Revenue Service 
850-942-8995 or
Employer Identification Number All businesses, except sole proprietorships with no employees, must register for a federal identification number. Internal Revenue Service
Federal Income Tax Withholding and Social Security Tax Employers must withhold from employees salaries for federal tax and pay for Social Security. Internal Revenue Service
Federal Unemployment Tax Most businesses with one or more employees must contribute to a federal fund that pays for unemployment insurance to workers who have been laid off. Internal Revenue Service
State Unemployment Tax Businesses must also pay into a State fund that pays unemployment insurance. Department of Revenue 
Worker's Compensation Companies with four or more employees must pay into a State fund that compensates workers who are injured on the job. In construction businesses, the rules that apply are stricter. State Compliance Division of Workers Compensation
Health Department Information People who open, own or operate restaurant, hotel, or other food service businesses need to comply with health regulations. State Department of Business and Professional Regulation
 Leon County Health Department
Zoning Business owners must make sure that the business they want to conduct is permitted on the property that the business will be located. Cocoa Beach Development Services 321-868-3218 or email
New Employee Hire Reporting Requirements Federal and State law requires employers to report all new/rehire employees who work in the State of Florida to whom the employer anticipates paying earnings. Employees should be reported even if they work only one day and are terminated. This reporting requirement is part of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996. Florida New Hire Reporting Center
Department of Agriculture Various businesses are governed by the Florida Department of Agriculture. Check with the Department of Agriculture