Further endorsing the building of a harbor at Canaveral and disapproving such construction in the vicinity of Eau Gallie, manifestly in opposition to the Canaveral project.


Asking that State Road No. 140 be permanently routed through Orlando Avenue of said town, instead of Atlantic Avenue.


A tree fund was started for the planting of Australian Pines along Atlantic Avenue. Plantings to start in October after the hot and dry summer season.


The commission discussed the matter of proposed erection of 50 houses under the Defense Housing Authority and the Federal Works Administration. Many questions: mainly trying to obtain a water works grant from the State for $5,000.


Messrs Paul R. Thomas and J. F. Canaday, representing the Cocoa Beach Improvement Co. addressed the City Commission on their option on blocks of property West side of Atlantic Ave at the South End for the construction of fifty houses for renting to officers and employees at the Naval Air Base. It was noted that these plans should not interfere with the plans of Messrs Trafford and Kenney and their proposal to construct housing.


Engineer Michael presented detailed plans for the proposed projects: waterworks - $22,250, paving - $5,500. and town hall - $2,500


Letter from Gus Edwards to City Commission: That the "Lion and the Lamb lie down together" and make peace that Mr. Edwards has and will later pay considerable sums of money in taxes and wished to advise with the Commission as to the spending of this money. In exchange for this, he proposes to have dismissed the suit now pending for removal of certain lands from the corporate limits. Reply: The Commission desires to be fair toward all taxpayers. It has no friends to reward or "enemies to punish and reserves the right to spend money paid in where they deem it most advisable and to the best advantage of Cocoa Beach."


Approved the purchase of a second hand filing cabinet for $27.50. Commission taking cognizant of the fact that such furniture is growing scarce due to the war.


Discussion as to the feasibility of procuring a truck for hauling garbage or the purchase of or leasing of a mule and wagon for such use also as to whether a contract could be made with the party handling garbage from the Naval Air Station for collection of garbage.


Possible fees discussed for garbage removal: $15 per year, in advance or $1.50 per month or $.50 per week. Pickup 3 days a week.


Discussion that the town's application for a grant of 70% of the cost of a waterworks system had been denied at the department and since, if this was correct, a grave injustice would have been done the Town, since the trouble and expense had been taken, incident to providing a bond issue, it was thought best to see if Col. N. B. Butt, employed by the Canaveral Harbor District to enlist the support of Senator Pepper.


Problems with getting roads cut, due to war, road oil for top dressing of streets could not be obtained.


Mayor Pulsipher reported that he was experiencing great difficulty in securing necessary hand labor to remove weeds and undergrowth in streets, that they had many promises but no men appeared.


Commission passed an Emergency Ordinance granted the U. S. Coast Guard permission to install a U. S. Government Telephone Line through the town. It was recognized that the request was an emergency based upon the need of said telephone line for use in connection with the protection of the coast line from invasion and the entry of spies and saboteurs, that a grave emergency existed, resulting from war, requiring the immediate passage of the ordinance.


Proposed annulment of the municipal government of the town, as proposed by Gus G. Edwards, was discussed. A mail out drive to citizens to ask their support and cooperation in efforts to prevent the passage of this proposed bill to be presented to the legislature.


Gus Edwards approached the city asking permission to install a telephone franchise for local telephone service in the town.


Mr. Carl Schnabel, Civil Engineer was given authority to go ahead with a preliminary survey upon which calculations could be based for sewage system and paving.


C. W. Monts De Oca appointed part time police officer (Mr. Monts De Oca was past Secretary for the Florida State DOT).


Rehired Mr. Monts De Oca as police officer $1 per hour.


Monts De Oca Resigned.


Mayor secured a $2,000 check for the Treasurer of United States for possible presentation as binder on the purchase price of the Monorville and Gotha Utilities.


Robert Michael, representing A. P. Michael signed a Contract relative to the engineering for the waterworks system.


The removal of Fire Protection, incident to the closing of the Naval Air Station was reviewed and an investigation of what equipment they might have available and what would be best suited for the needs of the town.


Commission reviewed the first sketch of a plan for a town hall to be erected and asked the architect to make several corrections and go out for bids.


Gus Edwards offered the city 150 to 200 Brazilian Oak seedlings for use in the town streets. As this type of seedling is sensitive to salt water, the Commission declined Mr. Edwards' offer with thanks.


Sidney Fischer, owner of the Surf Cocktail Lounge, appeared before the Commission and requested that the alcoholic beverage ordinance be amended to allow establishments to stay open to 1 a.m. Saturdays and not close at midnight. 11-15-48 discussion continued and a Public Hearing called for 12-2-48.