Year Date Event
1970 November 19 In a big move for Cocoa Beach tourism, National Airlines have included the City of Cocoa Beach in a tour package which will greatly benefit the six motels in our area.
1970 December 17 The Mayor expressed his concern that the devastation caused by hurricane Camille has not been cleaned up and that repairs in the area have been minimal since the storm hit in 1969. Swimming pools beside collapsed homes were half-full of water and have become breeding grounds for snakes and rats.
1971 January 7 Discussion on future of Cocoa Beach, it was stated that the "forecasters of doom" were overestimating the lengths of the economic recession. 1972 would probably be our worst year since signs of recovery are already evident. The City's future is very promising.
1971 January 21 A great opportunity for our area was be the Apollo 14 Space Launch. We expected 7000 visitors along with 25 to 30 special interest groups, i.e. congressmen, senators, and a 1000 journalists. The City Attorney is directed to prepare an Ordinance extending hours of sale for alcoholic beverages during the Launch until 5 a.m. The City Manager was directed to get the beach cleaned up for the Apollo 14 launch.
The resolution concerning continuation of construction of the Bee Line Expressway has apparently gotten results and the first contract is to be awarded shortly.
Another adult theater wants to operate in the City of Cocoa Beach. Commissioner Czajka expressed his opposition to both the old and proposed adult theater.
1971 April 1 Ordinance #366: Prohibiting selling, showing for monetary profit, materials depicting sexual behavior, including fondling or kissing of male or female genital organs. Adopted unanimously on second reading.
1971 May 20 Motion to authorize the transfer of deed for Fischer Park to the State, and the acceptance of a 99 year lease, subject to:
1)Cabinet approval of the full $50,000 grant for improvements;  
2) approval of City Attorney concerning content and form of deed and lease agreement;  
3) provide for the restriction of the use of this land in the deed for park and recreation in perpetuity;  
4) deletion of the north 50 feet of the property to be retained as street right-of -way. Motion passed unanimously.
1972 January 20 Proposed zoning changes brought to discussion.
One opponent to changes stated, Mr. Carter, 427 Brightwaters and a local businessman, spoke against rezoning advising: "many people moved here because they thought it would be a wonderful place to stay forever. I have enjoyed living here except for that period when most people were involved in working three shifts, and when our highways were so loaded with people, they were anticipating running Banana River Expressway right up the middle of the river. That proposal is still on the books, and all that is needed to start the expressway is to get this concrete jungle going around here, one like we have south of us. We risk reverting back to a boom town era, turning the river into a cesspool."
Other pro and con comments from other residents can be found in the Commission Meeting Minutes.
1972 March 2 Ordinance #387, an ordinance providing for conditions under which boathouses and boat shelters may be constructed. Second reading, adopted.
Resolution opposing proposed revision Article V of State Constitution. Mr. Evrett Scrivner, former US Congressman, and former City Commissioner spoke to the issue recommending that the City Commission go on record as to opposing the revision. Passed unanimously.
1972 July 20 Remarks by Mr. Stan Adams, Chairman of Planning & Zoning Board: I would like to go through the Mapped Streets Act...an Act based on a Special Act of the Florida Legislature allowing the reservation of specific land by alignment for the future acquisition of land for the building of public streets...First in the Boards mind is the extension of South Banana River Blvd, bypassing a good portion of SR A1A;...trying to anticipate growth through zoning, and looking to widening the roads. ...The Act would be exercised solely for the purpose of acquiring additional rights-of-way for the widening of these roads...The bypassing of SR A1A has first priority, and we will consider a marginal access road on the east side of SR A1A where there are large amounts of vacant land. The potential for development and increase in density will overtax the present capacity of A1A, which is currently 25,000 cars per day, and is currently handling 25,800....It is incumbent upon the City of Cocoa Beach to energetically use every means at their disposal to acquire this land as rapidly as possible and then in turn to develop the roads.
General discussion among Commission members and Mr. Adams asked for, and received, was a vote of confidence in the Planning and Zoning Boards continued work in this area. A summary of remarks on the Mapped Streets Act has been placed on file in the office of the City Clerk.
1972 November 16 The Cocoa Beach Citizen's League sent a letter addressed the the Mayor regarding a violation of Sec.4(2) of Ordinance #278, stating a City Commissioner voted on a contract in which he had a vested Interest. National media attention given to this conflict is mentioned in these minutes.
1973 January 4 The TOPICS Program was project for SR520 and A1A regarding traffic congestion and safety as the result of deaths and traffics accidents. Lengthy discussion over the issue is recorded in the minutes. Present for this discussion were elected officials of state and county government, and engineers working on the program.
1973 February 15 Ordinance #428 providing minimum floor area for motel and hotel rooms. Adopted at 2nd reading.
1973 March 7 Resolution #73-6, requesting the State Legislature to provide tax relief for the beach front municipalities located in Brevard County. The issue evolved around the County taking taxes from the City of Cocoa Beach and distributing larger amounts to Merritt Island and Cape Canaveral thereby causing hardship for the City of Cocoa Beach in administering its own programs. A suggestion was made to petition the State of Florida to make another geographical unit called Ocean County from areas between the Port Authority to Sebastian Inlet. "Whereas the City of Cocoa Beach feels there is definite inadequacy in County services, and... efforts to negotiate some form of revenue sharing with the County have been unsuccessful, and... we have received no more than 10% of our County ad valorem taxes in County services, and... the State Legislature has failed to implement the provisions of the State Constitution to resolve these inadequacies...Resolution #73-6 adopted as amended.
1973 March 15 Public Hearing on consideration of adoption of a Land Development Plan as an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. This is to be the first update since 1966, and has taken a year to develop the update. It includes Land Development, Transportation Plan, Civic Improvements, and Waterway plans. The Plan consists of a draft copy marked Exhibit #1; a map of existing land use Exhibit #2; a map of recommended land use Exhibit #3.
The Land Use Plan and Development Plan for the City considered factors of existing character and land use, and in the case of the City 75% was developed and 585 acres vacant…the recommended land use was: low density defined as 0-5 dwelling units per acre, medium density residential from 6-12 dwelling units per acre, and high density residential as 24 in one zone and 30 in another. The land use pattern of the City was firmly developed and the expanded uses as they existed. The commercial was decreased because the amount of land zoned commercial compared with the percentage that was in actual commercial use was much higher so an attempt is being made to bring the commercial in line with anticipated commercial use.
Resolution #73-8-A, adopting the Land Development Plan as an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan of the City of Cocoa Beach passed unanimously.
1974 May 16 Acting City Manager reported he had applied some time ago for a 911 telephone number that would take care of all emergencies. We have been accepted for a 911 number and will be billed at a rate of $35 per month with a onetime connection fee of $33 per trunk. Estimates indicate a need for a three trunk system with a direct line from our location to Cape Canaveral Police for $22.80 per month, and a connection fee of $33. Cape Canaveral will share in the latter expenses.
1974 June 20 Mayor Caron introduced Mr. William D. Williams, applicant for the position of City Manager. The Commission interviewed Mr. Williams at some length and voted to hire Mr. Williams as the new City Manager beginning July 15, 1974. Mr. Williams said he and his family were excited about coming to Cocoa Beach and serving the community.
1974 November 21 Commissioner Czajka moved that Kay Wright (Acting City Manager/Treasurer/City Clerk) be appointed City Manager. Mayor Caron asked Mrs. Wright if she would accept the position, and Mrs. Wright answered in the affirmative. 
1977 May 5 Commissioner Brady advised he had some matters he wished to present and Moved to terminate Kay Wright as City Manager without cause, pursuant to the employment agreement of November 26, 1974, and further Move the City of Cocoa Beach waive the 90 day provision to subject agreement, by paying a lump sum salary for such a period. Seconded by Commissioner Doerer.
Mrs. Wright advised at that point that she would step down.