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History of the City of Cocoa Beach Quick Reference Guide
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Establishment Town of Cocoa Beach was established on June 5, 1925, by Gus Edward, a local attorney, originally from Georgia.
First Settlers The first settlers were Indians, who were then captured by the Spaniards, they were then followed by freed slaves following the Civil War. In 1888, a group of Cocoa men bought the entire track of land. It was only when a prominent attorney arrived that the area started to develop
City Founder Gus Edwards
First Bridge In 1920, bridge construction to Cocoa Beach started, and it was completed in 1922
Lot cost in 1922 $100 each lot
Access Access was widely available on July 4th, 1922, when road access was given to the new casino
Bus Tours Gus Edwards bought a bus in 1924 and offered tours to the beach
Beach Driving Racing on the beach was welcomed in 1924, with cars driving up to 180 miles per hour on the beach - then known as the world's greatest speedway
Electricity Electricity was available on the island in 1925
Roads Funding was approved in 1932, for Route 104, now known as State Road A1A
Population in 1939 49 Residents
Naval Air Station Banana River Naval Air Station was commissioned in October of 1939. Renamed Patrick Air Force Base in 1948
Water Service Water lines were installed on the island in 1947
Police Department Police Department was established in 1947 with one part-time officer protecting the Town
Military Installments On May 11, 1949, President Harry Truman created a Long-Range Proving Ground for missiles at Cape Canaveral.
Population in 1949 246 Residents
Telephone Access Telephone lines were brought to the city in 1951
Lot Cost in 1951 $750 to $900
Sewage Treatment After overflowing septic tanks become an issue in 1954 a sewage treatment plant is set to be constructed.
First Town Manager Rodney Ketcham was appointed to Town Manager in 1955 and served till 1957.
City Incorporation Cocoa Beach was incorporated from a Town to a City in 1957
First Motel Starlite Motel in 1956 has 100 rooms
Hospital Committee recommenced the construction of a Local Hospital in 1957
First Bank and Store First bank and store in Cocoa Beach were established in 1957
First School Cocoa Beach Elementary School was established in 1958
Beach Driving Restricted Portion of the beach was closed to driving on the beach after a drunk driver struck and killed a 4 year old girl while driving 70 miles per hour.
Space Travel First Rocket Launch with a Human occurred on May 6, 1961, the Freedom 7 took flight making Alan Shepard the first American to travel into space. Many were in attendance to watch the launch on the beaches of Cocoa Beach.
Cocoa Beach Pier The now historic Cocoa Beach Pier was constructed in 1962 for $150,000
Space Travel In 1962 more than 75,000 people came to Cocoa Beach to see Friendship 7, with Astronaut John Glenn, orbit the Earth.
Surfside Playhouse Playhouse was constructed in 1963
Junior Senior High School Cocoa Beach Junior Senior High School was constructed in 1963 on land dredged and filled for this purpose.
Parks and Recreation Recreation Complex was also placed on a dredged and filled area. The complex was built in 1966, adding a Golf Course in 1968
Famous Cocoa Beach Cocoa Beach was the home of Captain Tony Nelson in the TV Show " I Dream of Jeannie" with it's pilot episode airing in 1965.
Middle School Roosevelt Middle School opened in 1967. It is now known as Roosevelt Elementary School. 
Population in 1968 12,000 residents
Beach Driving Banned In 1969 driving on the Beach was banned.
Space Travel Apollo 11, took flight on July 16, 1969 bringing about the first lunar landing.
Population on 1970 9,442 Residents
Population in 1975 12,000 Residents
Speed Limit The speed limit on A1A was lowered from 45 mph to 35 mph due to the death of the Mayor's wife in a car accident.
Time Capsule The City buried a time capsule in Fisher Park in 1975 with plans to be re-opened on July 4, 2076
Indian Mound An Indian Mound was found in 1976, located at South Orlando Avenue between 14th Street and 15 Street
Population in 2003 12,800 Residents