Public Works

The Public Works Department provides a wide spectrum of services to both external and internal customers. While most people readily identify Public Works with streets, parks and grounds maintenance, the nature of our community requires that we maintain beach access areas, dune crossovers, sidewalks and bikeways which see heavy use from both year-round and seasonal residents and tourists.

Department Divisions

The Public Works Department is comprised of 5 Divisions which provide customer services in the following areas:

Engineering and Project Management Division

  1. Capital Improvement Projects
  2. Muck and Dredging
  3. Municipal Engineering
  4. Land Development Plan Reviews
  5. Removal of Derelict Vessels
  6. Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plans
  7. Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization
  8. Save Our Indian Lagoon

Field Operations Division

  1. Streets/Curbs & Gutters
  2. Sidewalks/Bike paths
  3. Beach, Dune and Dune Walkovers
  4. Temporary Traffic Control
  5. Street Signage
  6. Solid Waste Collection

Building Maintenance Division

  1. General Building Maintenance for all City Buildings
  2. Janitorial Services for City Buildings, and Parks

Ground Maintenance Division

  1. Landscape Design and Construction
  2. Irrigation System Design/Install/Maintain
  3. Mowing, Trimming, and Edging
  4. Pesticide/Fertilizer Application
  5. Ball/Soccer Field Maintenance

  Fleet Division

  1. Maintain Adequate Inventory
  2. Routine Vehicle Maintenance
  3. Equipment Replacements/Updates
  4. Specialty Maintenance
  5. City Hall Generator Maintenance

 Coordinated Efforts

We also coordinate with the various state, federal and general agencies in the delivery of services such as the following;

  1. Florida Department of Transportation
  2. Waste Management
  3. Brevard County Traffic Control
  4. Florida Environmental Agency
  5. Sea Turtle Preservation Society   
  6. Keep Brevard Beautiful 


For example, the main north / south thoroughfare, State Road A1A, is maintained by the State of Florida Department of Transportation (DOT). Similarly, the roadway connecting Cocoa Beach to the main land, State Road 520, is maintained by Florida DOT. These roadways, their traffic signals and traffic signs and sidewalks, curbs and gutters are all maintained by the State. 


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