Functions of Stormwater Department

  • Improve and maintain water quality through effective stormwater management strategies
  • Maintain a high level of flood protection through sound planning and service
  • Maintain infrastructure integrity to protect public safety and private property
  • Provide a high level of customer service and communication to the public and private sectors

Cocoa Beach's Stormwater System

  • 760 storm drains, 259 of them FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation)
  • 24 manholes, 56 of them FDOT's
  • 29 outfalls, 9 of them taking drainage from FDOT property
  • 23 miles of stormline, 7 miles of FDOT line

Questions, problems or general information can be addressed the Stormwater Program Coordinator at 321-868-3292.

Scheduling and field operations issues can be directed to the Stormwater Supervisor at 321-868-3200 ext 717

Retention Pond
Stormwater Excavation