Yard and Bulk Waste

The proper maintenance of your yard, trees and landscaping shows pride of ownership and is appreciated by your neighbors and the community at large. The proper disposal of yard debris is aimed at environmental concerns as well as community standards of appearance.

Yard and Bulk Waste Collection Guidelines

Effective January 1, 2022, Waste Management is operating under new yard waste collection guidelines. These guidelines were attached to your new yard waste cart that was delivered to you prior to January 1, 2022. The new guidelines include the following:

  • Small loose yard waste piles (such as palm fronds, tree branches, leaves, etc.) shall be placed in the new yard waste cart. If not placed in the cart, it is unlikely that the pile will be picked up and may be tagged by Waste Management.  
  • Large loose yard waste piles 3 cubic yards (about the size of a picnic table) or greater will be picked up by a different collection vehicle every other week. Customers are encouraged to contact Waste Managements Customer Service Department at 321-636-6894 or email Waste Management to ensure timely collection when piles are curbside. 
  • Bulk waste, such as furniture, large boxes, items too large to fit into the cart, the customer must call Waste Management at 321-636-6894 or email Waste Management to schedule pick up. Fees will be associated with this service. Fees are based on cubic yard of bulky waste.

Yard Waste Pickup Day

The city contracts with Waste Management to pick up and dispose of all solid waste including yard debris.

The schedule is as follows:

  • 5th Street South (east of Orlando) to 4th Street North including Country Club and Minutemen Causeway but excluding Convair Cove
    •  Yard Waste Thursday
    • Bulk Yard Waste Wednesday
  • 16th Street South to 5th Street South and west of Brevard including Sloop, Yawl, West View, Riverview and Colonial :
    • Yard Waste Monday
    • Bulk Yard Waste Thursday
  • Convair Cove to Fischer Park:
    • Yard Waste Tuesday
    • Bulk Yard Waste Tuesday
  • Diplomat to Northern City Limits:
    • Yard Waste Friday
    • Bulk Yard Waste Monday 

For more information, please visit our Trash Pick-up Schedule Page.

Bulk Waste Haulers

List of Google 5-Star rated companies for trash hauling (large bulk)

Each company listed will require a fee for pick-up. The fee is determined by the company themselves. The city is not recommending any company provided, this is a listing in random order.

  • Brevard County, College Hunks, 888-689-5999, www.collegehunkshauling.com 
  • J & J Haul Away, 321-215-5815,  https://jandjhaulaway.com/
  • Hutker Hauling, 321-890-7804, hutkerhauling.com 
  • Easy Day Junk Removal, 321-320-6399, easydayjunkremoval.com