Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed Water Restrictions

When Reclaimed Water is on 24/7. When the water supply is limited due to high demand, the reclaimed watering times are:
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Midnight - 10 a.m.

For more information on Fees, please visit our Reclaimed Water Fees Page

Water Savings

Cocoa Beach residents can make lawns beautiful by using reclaimed water for irrigation. Using reclaimed water imposes less demands on potable and ground water and creates a positive recharge to the aquifer. Studies show that customers on reuse save approximately 2,000 gallons of potable water per month after connecting to the city's reclaimed water system.


The City of Cocoa Beach operates the largest reclaimed water system in Brevard County. Reclaimed water is the treated by-product of the wastewater treatment plant and is returned to residents and businesses in the irrigation system that provides sprinkler water throughout the city and adjacent areas. This system enables us to:

  • Eliminates discharges into the fragile Indian River Lagoon
  • Helps reduce the dependence on the precious aquifer-based water resources
  • Provides an economical means to maintain lawns, plants, trees and other foliage

The reclaimed water itself meets all Department of Environmental Protection quality standards. Redistribution of the water byproduct is the most environmentally effective disposal of the water and provides homeowners with a highly cost-effective alternative for lawn and foliage irrigation.