Rentals & Fees

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Year Round
Cocoa Beach Resident
(valid ID required)
Daily Fee Child  $2.00     $4.50
Daily Fee Adult  $3.00     $7.50
Pre-paid Passes    
30 Day Single Swimmer  $25.00  $52.50
30 Day Additional Family Member*  $10.00  $22.50
90 Day Single Swimmer  $60.00  $135.00  
90 Day Addition Family Member*  $25.00    $60.00
One Year Single Swimmer  $210.00  $495.00
One Year Additional Family Member*   $90.00  $232.50
 *A family consist of two legal guardians   plus minor children

Swim Team Rentals

Our pool facilities are also available to swimming clubs and high school, college and university swim teams looking for a facility to train or host competitive events. Visiting teams will also enjoy free time exploring our beaches, shops and area attractions. For more information, contact the Aquatic Manager at 321-868-3327 or 

Pavilion Rental

The pavilion is available for private, business, club or community parties - large or small. The pavilion may also be rented in conjunction with rental of the pool during regular pool operating hours at $4.50 per person. For more information, call 321-868-3314.

Pavilion Rental
 Daily Deposit  Required 
Cocoa Beach Resident

All rentals require a Clean-up and Damage Deposit:
Refundable in 7 - 10 business days.
Admission Fees are not to be taken out of the deposit.

 Cocoa Beach Businesses $325.00
Non-Cocoa Beach Businesses  $540.00

Concession Rental Fees

The concession patio is available for party rentals. For more information and reservations, contact 321-868-3314.or 

Concession Rental
Per 2-hours
Deposit Required
Cocoa Beach Resident
$40 plus admission per guest 
All rentals require Clean up and Damage Deposit
Refundable in 7-10 Business Days if area is left in good condition.
Admission Fees are not to be taken out of the deposit.
$90 plus admission per guest