Commission Candidates Guidelines

Elections for City Commissioners

The City Code provides for staggered City Commission Seat elections; Seats 1, 2 and 3 are on one ballot, while Seats 4 and 5 are on the next election cycle. Commissioners and the Mayor run at large with seat assignments.

The term of office is four years. Candidates are elected by a plurality vote.

Guidelines to run for office are listed in: COMMISSION CANDIDATE HANDBOOK.

Qualifications to Run For Elected City Office

An applicant must be:

  • be a resident of the City
  • be a registered voter
  • have continuously resided in the city for 1 year, immediately prior to filing for a seat

Declared and Qualified Candidate

  • Candidates can declare at any time to run for office
  • To appear on the ballot, a Candidate must appoint a treasurer, submit appointment to City Clerk's Office, open a campaign bank account, submit qualifying papers and pay fees to City Clerk during the qualifying period.

Candidate Qualifying Period

  • begins on the tenth week prior to the election, noon on Monday, and ends on noon, Friday.

Candidate Responsibilities

  • Submit completed forms and pay fees during the qualifying period to have name placed on the ballot
  • Submit Treasurer Reports
  • Abide by the State of Florida and City Election Laws
  • Follow the City's Temporary Sign Code