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2022 Telecommunications Officer of the Year

Telecommunications Officer Stacie Mook

Communications Training Officer Stacie Mook is a year and a half veteran of the Cocoa Beach Police Department.  She has been selected as the Cocoa Beach Police Department 2022 Telecommunications Officer of the Year for her dedication, initiative, strong work ethic, and her willingness to always be a team player.  Stacie continues to improve her skill set for the betterment of the Department and safety of our police and fire personnel.

Some of Stacie’s performance highlights from 2022 are as follows:

On July 2, 2022, at about 5:50 P.M., Communications received a 911 call of an unresponsive female driver of a vehicle at the intersection of North Atlantic Avenue and Cocoa Beach Causeway. After obtaining the necessary information, CTO Mook dispatched officers and the Cocoa Beach Fire Department to the area. TCO Mook along with an additional TCO worked the call for both fire and police, and dispatched resources efficiently and effectively. Stacie took it upon herself while units were responding to investigate and try to get further information on the caller. She was able to locate a Facebook account for the caller using his telephone number and provided the responding officers with a current photo of the subject. Stacie was also able to find birth year information for the individual on his Facebook page and a link to his Instagram account that provided additional identifying information which she then provided to the responding officers.  The actions of TCO Mook, undoubtedly assisted in saving the life of the woman who experienced the medical event.

Stacie Mook - 2022 TCO of the Year Brevard County

On October 28, 2022, at about 7:30 P.M., the Cocoa Beach Police Communications Center sent Officers to an oceanfront condominium complex regarding an apparent suicidal female.   Officers arrived on-scene and spoke with the individual through a locked door, and based on her statements, and the police department’s call history to this residence, the decision was made to forcibly breach the front door. Upon making entry, officers found the woman attempting to jump from the seventh floor balcony. Without hesitation, Officers rushed to safely secure her before she could get over the railing.  The quick response and intervention by the Officers, as well as the treatment by the firefighter’s on-scene and the exemplary performance by our personnel in the Communications Center, including TCO Stacie Mook quite possibly assisted in saving the woman’s life.

On December 4, 2022, at about 2:30 P.M., a call came in of an unresponsive female. Officers assessed the woman’s condition and did not find a pulse. Officers began life saving measures with the AED, ultimately returning the patients pulse.  The quick response and intervention by Officers on scene, coupled with the exemplary performance by our personnel in the Communications Center, including CTO Mook quite possibly assisted saved the woman’s life.

Stacie's unwavering commitment to the Department's success is commendable. She actively volunteers to assist with staffing shortages in the Communications Center and fosters a positive work environment with her peers. Having completed the Communications Training Officer course, she has taken on the responsibility of training new Telecommunications Officers for the Department. Stacie's dedication to her job, the citizens of Cocoa Beach, and the Department is exemplary. It is with great pleasure that we announce Stacie Mook, our Communications Training Officer, as the Cocoa Beach Police Department's 2022 Telecommunications Officer of the Year.

2022 Officer of the Year

Detective Joseph Smith

Congratulations to Detective Joe Smith, our Officer of the Year! Your dedication, hard work, and tireless efforts in keeping our community safe have not gone unnoticed. You've truly gone above and beyond in your duties, and we are grateful for your service. Your commitment to excellence is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for all you do, and congratulations on this well-deserved recognition.