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Public notice of all formal bids (Invitation For Bid) and proposals (Request for Proposal - RFP and Request for Qualification - RFQ) issued by the City of Cocoa Beach are posted on the Bid Postings section of the website and on DemandStar network.  All documents associated with formal bids can be downloaded from both locations.    

Bid Notifications

Sign up to receive email notification of Bid Postings through the City of Cocoa Beach website and/or on DemandStar.  DemandStar's network allows you to create a free account for searching and proposing on government bids.  

Bid Listing

View Bids - RFP and RFQ Listing with Documents for the City of Cocoa Beach.  

Notice to Contractors: The information posted on this website regarding invitations to Bid or Requests for Proposal is for your convenience. It is your sole responsibility to download materials, follow the instructions in the documents regarding meetings, deadlines and questions about the projects advertised. No City staff member other than those identified in the respective documents is authorized to communicated information of the bid.