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1. Who do I contact to fix the traffic sign on my street?
2. The streetlights are out on my street - who should I contact?
3. Who do I call for utility line locations?
4. The flag at one of the public properties has been torn by the wind - who should I notify?
5. Who to I contact regarding an unattended dog roaming around my neighborhood?
6. While walking on the beach, I noticed some turtle nests that may be in danger. Who should I notify?
7. Who do I contact if there is dead marine mammals on the beach?
8. The recent rain floods my street. I think the storm drain is blocked. Who should I contact?
9. The dune crossover was damaged by heavy surf. Who needs to be notified to get repairs going?
10. Who do I call regarding the trimming of vegetation along the beach/dune?
11. A recent heavy rain brought floating debris to the canal behind my home. Is there a department in the city that handles these situations?
12. Does the city have maps of the city waterways?