How is storm runoff treated?
Throughout the 80+ years of development in Cocoa Beach, there has been no treatment of the storm runoff. All of the runoff from our buildings, parking lots and roads was designed to drain to our canals or straight to the lagoon. The huge construction boom of the '60's (Apollo program) sent great loads of sediment and other pollutants draining to the canals. Another boom in the '70's (shuttle program) heavily polluted our canals again. Early in the '70's legislation was passed that helped reduce this pollution. Still today, most of the runoff from Cocoa Beach is heavily polluted and drains directly to our waters. We are now in the process of turning the tide. We will try to re-route the water back into the soil where feasible. We will construct filtering devices to clean the stormwater in areas where re-routing or retention is not possible.

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